Composite Prime

Certified Installer Scheme and Landscaping

Becoming A Certified Installer Of Composite Prime: The Road To Success Is Paved With Decking

We believe things work better in tandem – whether it’s the composite blend of our decking, or the relationship between our products and their installation. That’s where you can help. By becoming a Certified Installer of Composite Prime, you can see the benefits of accessing our infrastructure and connecting your brand to valuable customers.
In parallel to our relationship with our stockists, we’re keen to bring professional landscapers into the process; this is especially true for businesses who share our goal of making gardens spectacular, both through easy installation of our premium products and the principle of informing and supporting  our own Certified Installers.
Becoming a Certified Installer means more than just carrying a supply of our products. In fact, there’s a host of corollary benefits to the partnership between Composite Prime and your growing business. If you become our best Certified Installer, we’ll become your most trusted supplier. It’s as simple as that.
Still need convincing? There’s a lot more to offer – after all, the landscape of the industry is ours to change.

Your Company In Front Of Those Who Need It Most

We’re proud to support local businesses by not only providing exemplary products, but also by highlighting them in our Installer Finder. If you become the predominant installer of Composite Prime decking in your area, you’ll simultaneously drive traffic to your website and bolster your reputation as a reliable business.

Your Customer Base Expanded

For Certified Installers of Composite Prime, we offer finance options for your customers. That makes our products more affordable to more people, broadening your customer base. Decking should be an option for everyone, and you can lead the market in getting customers their dream garden look.

We’ll Take On The Competition, Together

If you have the skill and the passion, we’re ready to back you to the hilt. We employ independent assessors from the Association of Professional Landscapers to ensure our selection process is based on your ability; if successful, we’ll train you in person with our full decking and cladding installation techniques, to ensure the learning process is as smooth as possible for you. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have on the road to becoming a Certified Installer and valued partner.

Helping You To Close The Deal

There’s no substitute for salesmanship, but our premium marketing materials will help you close the deal. As a Certified Installer, you’ll have access to our brochures, flyers and online portfolio, a composite selection of prime materials to get those all-important signatures on the dotted line.

You’re At The Top Of Our List

As a Certified Installer, if we receive enquiries about installations in your area, you’ll be our first port of call. Referrals don’t just mean more revenue for your business: it makes you one of our most trusted contacts.
Join the garden revolution by registering your interest with us. Our vision is to make green spaces more usable, more affordable, eco-friendly and more beautiful – and you could be instrumental in bringing that vision to life. Are you ready to take the next step for your business?

Features & Benefits


Naturally resistant to mould and fungus, the number one cause of rot & decay in traditional timber.

Low Maintenance & Long Life

Low Maintenance

Maintaining its aesthetic appeal years after installation, HD Deck requires no staining, treating or painting.

Recycled material

There is the equivalent of more than 3,000 recycled plastic bottle caps per square metre of decking.

Socially Responsible & Friendly to the Environment

FSC® 100% Timber

Our wood flour used is FSC® 100% certified timber from responsible sources.