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Aug 2nd 2018

How to identify the best composite decking – what to look for

Wood flour is a vital ingredient in composite wood plastic Composite decking is a relatively young product, and as such, trying to select the right product or brand can be a difficult task with limited knowledge. Spotting the right signs of high-quality composite wood plastic is vital for avoiding cheaper and often, lower quality composite […]

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Jul 30th 2018

Eco-friendly decking firm Composite Prime help fight war on plastic

Composite Prime® says demand for its decking range made from the latest composite technology has soared as consumers shun plastic. With around eight million tons of plastic polluting the earth’s oceans every year the race to protect marine life and fragile corals is growing ever more urgent every day.  Playing a part in tackling this challenge […]

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Jul 26th 2018

5 ways we can have sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly homes

Composite decking is just one to make your home more eco-friendly. More and more homeowners are looking to make their homes more sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly in the United Kingdom. Environmentally conscious millennials are slowly but surely making their way into the property market and with that is a growth for ‘green-friendly’ ways to live. […]

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Jul 19th 2018

Benefits of composite decking in the work place

Composite decking has the beauty of timber but the strength of plastic. We often talk about the value of composite decking to gardeners, home owners and landscapers, but our wonderfully crafted product range is also hugely beneficial to the work place. Every week we’re speaking to more and more architects and construction project managers who […]

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Jul 16th 2018

Wood decking vs. plastic wood decking – what’s the difference?

Plastic wood decking is the ideal choice for residential and commercial properties We regularly get asked by customers and stockists alike – ‘What’s the difference between wood and plastic decking?’. Neither are particularly cheap to install and on the surface, most look very similar from a distance. However, there are a number of key differences […]

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