Composite Prime

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Composite Prime products?

Composite Prime products are available from stockists throughout the UK, including Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.  Please use our stockist locator to find your closest stockist Where to Buy.


Can I buy Composite Prime products direct from you?

Composite Prime products are only available to purchase from our official stockists and resellers.  We do not sell direct to consumers or trade.  If you wish to become a stockist of Composite Prime’s products please contact us for more details sales@composite-prime.com.


What length are your boards?

We manufacture all our boards at 3.6m in length.  All boards can be cut to accommodate different areas. We recommend that you ask a professional to cut the boards for you.


How do I cut the boards?

The best option for cutting is to use a chop-saw or a jig-saw with a small toothed blade – ideally 80 Tungston Carbide teeth on a 210mm diameter blade and on a high speed.  The wider the diameter of the blade the more teeth required.  A 310mm blade would need at least 120 teeth (or more).


What material should I use as a base for the decking?

We suggest that you use a treated / tanalised timber for your subframe.  This will provide a solid structure for you to apply the clips to and attach any fascia boards you may use to finish it off.  Please remember to follow the fitting instructions when installing your deck, you can find all our fitting guides in the resources section.


Do I have to use a timber subframe or can I use a different material (like aluminium)?

You can purchase aluminium box section which will do the job and we suggest replacing our screws with aluminium screws.  Some screws available are self drilling.

We do not currently have a composite frame and cannot recommend any composite subframe product options.


Why do you recommend 300mm centres?

This is the joist spacing that we test the board to. It’s very common for composite decking to be installed at closer centres than of timber. Please remember to follow the fitting instructions when installing your deck, you can find all our fitting guides in the resources section.


Do you recommend a cleaning product for composite decking?

We recommend that you use warm soapy water to begin with or a pressure washer.  For strong stains (such as berries), if necessary, a light solution of bleach and water can be used.  For uncapped decking, why not try Abzorbit grease and oil stain remover!


Will garden furniture scratch or mark my deck?

We recommend that you use felt or rubber feet on your garden furniture as this prevents marks appearing on the decking.  As with other flooring surfaces, if heavier objects are dragged or moved across the decking marks can appear.  For heavy items (tables, planters, solid chairs, etc.) we recommend lifting them to be moved, rather than dragging.


My deck looks dusty, why is that?

When you first lay your deck, there can be some residue from the packaging which may include dust from the factory.  Initially, this may cause some temporary watermarks if you try to wash it off.  We suggest washing your deck with soapy water and rinsing thoroughly.  You can also use a pressure washer to wash your deck.  Within a couple of weeks this will disappear to leave your deck looking brand new!


How do I fix the balustrade properly?

To ensure that the balustrade is secure you must fix the system to the subframe. You can either do this by drilling holes through the boards to secure into the subframe or you can cut the boards around the post mount to create a space for it to fit.  However you decide to secure the balustrade, please ensure you leave expansion gaps to allow the deck boards freedom to expand and contract.


How does it compare to a solid board?

Most of our decking is manufactured hollow to help with weight and heat absorption.  HD Deck XS is actually stronger than many other solid boards on the market.