5 ways to get your garden in shape this summer

Make sure your garden is ready this summer with our helpful tips

Now that we’re well into spring, it’s time to get your lawnmower out and get weeding to clear out and maintain your garden after a long and cold winter. In less than a few weeks, a few days of sunshine and milder weather can see your garden spring to life. Sometimes, this can be a stress to many homeowners as they look at all the work to be done before they can enjoy their garden. The grass needs cutting, fencing needs painting, weeds need weeding and everything might just need a good tidy.

To help, we’ve come up with 5 brilliant ways you can get your garden ready for the summer that will help make it low maintenance for the future. That way, you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor space rather than toiling in it.

Protect your garden furniture

If you’ve been sensible, you’ll have covered over all of your garden furniture or moved it indoors during the winter. Weeks of lashing rain, frost and snow can really harm chairs, tables and parasols. Now is the time to get everything out and give it a good clean. Regular maintenance and cleaning will help protect metals from rusting, remove spiderwebs and stains from fabric and will help fight against at wood rot. Set aside just an hour or two to get everything you’ll need and give it a good hose down and clean. You’ll be grateful when the sun does eventually come out and you want to use the furniture without having to clean it (or find out it’s unusable!).

Get better garden decking

For many homeowners, decking is the ideal choice for low maintenance outdoors. When done properly, it can create a beautiful scenic area from where you can host BBQs, enjoy meals, play with the kids or simply sunbathe. However, many timber decking products require regular staining and cleaning to prevent a faded look. Additionally, traditional timber is susceptible to rotting, splintering and breaking which can be unpleasant for snagging clothes or feet on. Instead, look to invest in composite decking – it has all the natural looking beauty of wood grain but uses durable plastic ingredients that require very little maintenance and keep their colour all year round without ever having to get a paint brush out.

Our composite decking products have all the colour and styling of a natural grain.

Prepare your lawn properly

There is nothing quite like a lovely lush green lawn during the summer months. However, too many homeowners believe that a quick mow on the lowest setting will be sufficient for a few weeks at least. Unfortunately, mowing your lawn on too short a setting can be disastrous for the health of your grass and roots. Before the summer months kick in, make sure you properly aerate your lawn (use a pitch fork to create more space for roots to access nutrients, air and water). If your garden is covered in weeds considering using weed killer to get rid of them, or even roll up your sleeves and getting weeding yourself.

HD Fence
A neat and tidy fence can make all the difference in your garden.

Paint and treat your fence

After months of battering wind, rain and snow, you can forgive your fencing if it looks a little worse for wear. It might have what looks like moss growing on it, or is simply stained by the elements around it. Remember, a fence is a very large focal point of your garden so why leave it neglected all year round? A fresh coat of fence paint can bring your garden back to life with additional colour and help restore order to the chaos. If you don’t want to be stuck paining every year then why not consider our HD composite fencing that offers all the colour and beauty of timber fences, but the durability and low maintenance of plastic.


Last but not least is the job that everyone hates to do – weeding. If you’ve not been weeding throughout autumn and winter then chances are you may have a job on your hands getting your garden neat and tidy. Weeds can quickly swamp your borders, take over your grass and start to become too established to get easily rid off. Always make sure you understand what weeds you’re tackling and what weed killer you need. Sometimes, many weedkillers can harm the plantlife and grass around them resulting in a dead looking garden.

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