Trend Alert – Recycling & upcycling for your garden

We all know that the cost of keeping your garden in tip-top shape can quickly get out of control. Whether it’s overspending on plants at the garden centre or investing in some new garden furniture, the cost of being green fingered is often more expensive than people expect. Replanting and caring for your plant life can cost several hundred pounds a year depending on the size of your garden. Keeping your outdoor area maintained may require equipment such as lawnmowers, strimmers, power hoses and even mulching machines. As well as the financial expense, gardening can also be time-expensive. Plenty of us toil and labour in our gardens throughout the seasons for hours a week just to make sure that everything is neat and tidy.

However, gardening doesn’t always have to be too expensive (both in time and money). The recent trend of upcycling/recycling old products and materials has meant that landscapers can create the same beautiful aesthetics without having to break the bank.

Not only is upcycling and recycling cost-effective but it’s also environmentally friendly as it sees old items and materials get a lease of new life whereas they may have been previously discarded. We’ve come up with a few ideas of to make better use of recycled materials and upcycling items in your garden.

Image Source: GrowVeg.com

Pallets as compost bin

If you happen to get landed with some wooden pallets, don’t just get rid of them at the tip. Wooden pallets make for excellent building materials for a compost bin. That way, you won’t be bothered if they age and get damaged but just provide a practical service.

Image Source: GrowVeg.com

Plastic bottles

This idea from GrowVeg.com suggests using plastic bottles with the bottom cut out to act as protective covers for young plants. Plastic bottles allow the light to get through, rainwater to nourish the plants and an opening for air.

Our beautifully crafted Composite Prime product.

Composite decking

Of course we couldn’t forget our very own product, but composite decking like HD DECK DUAL or HD DECK XS products are not only durable (so less time is spent having to buy and apply a new coat of paint each summer) but also very environmentally friendly. We use recycled wood flour and combine it with recycled plastic to create a super strong but natural looking wood grain. In the last six months we’ve recycled over 121.5 million bottle caps alone!

A great example of how old teapots can be turned into great indoor & outdoor planters

Teapot planters

Another great but simple idea is to use old teapots as cute planters. Compact and easy to move, you can create a really quaint garden atmosphere with a few strategically placed teapots that can help soften the surrounding area. Even more appealing is that these cheap planters can be moved inside and outside with ease.

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