Composite Prime

About Us v1

Established in 2014 by Domenic Harrison and Charles Taylor, wood plastic composites came quite naturally to the two entrepreneurs due to their families’ great histories in both plastic and timber industries.

Our Materials

By combining wood and plastic, the decking boards retain the natural look and feel of timer with the added strength and durability of plastic. Our HD Deck composite decking creates an elegant solution to many of the problems associated with traditional timer products, such as rot, colour fading and slippery surfaces.

HD Deck is not only high in composite technology, it is also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Our History

The Harrison family has a great history in the plastics industry with Geoff Harrison being a stalwart of the plastic sector and who – along with Kevin McDonald – was a founding member of Polypipe Plc back in 1980. The Taylor family has been established in the timber industry for more 60 years with Charles being the 3rd generation timber merchant. Both Domenic and Charles’ experience in their respective fields has created the perfect partnership for developing Composite Prime’s unique formulas of wood plastic decking.

Composite Prime produces and distributes composite wood plastic decking and fencing to residential and commercial markets.

Our wood plastic composite decking and composite fencing utilises the latest technology to create beautiful composite garden products that not only look like timber, but also offer additional benefits that can only be achieved from a composite material.

Composites combine two or more materials with significantly different properties to produce a new product with unique characteristics to the original constituent parts. Our wood plastic composite materials combine both FSC® 100% certified hardwood timber and recycled plastic.

There was a method to our madness with the Composite Prime name. As well as communicating that we offer composite decking and composite fencing, we wanted to get across the quality message of our products. So the association of the words ‘composite’ & ‘prime’ was created.

A composite number is a whole number that can be divided evenly by numbers other than one or itself.

A prime number (or a prime) is a natural number greater than one and is divisible only by itself and one.

Which also happen to describe the product perfectly:


Adjective  made up of several parts or elements.


Adjective – of the best possible quality; excellent.

The company name Composite Prime was born, a name that describes our product and ethos tremendously well