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The composite decking boards in our product range are aesthetically stunning and have the potential to transform any garden into an outdoor paradise.

Our HD Deck Dual composite decking board utilises true grain colour mixing technology, to mirror the subtle natural depth of colour seen in timber. This is a feature that our competitors struggle to emulate.

The HD Deck Dual also features a natural grain and is reversible, offering two colour options in one, along with the opportunity to lay a deck with contrasting colours to create a bespoke finish.

Features & Benefits


Naturally resistant to mould and fungus, the number one cause of rot & decay in traditional timber.

Low Maintenance & Long Life

Low Maintenance

Maintaining its aesthetic appeal years after installation, HD Deck requires no staining, treating or painting.

Recycled material

There is the equivalent of more than 3,000 recycled plastic bottle caps per square metre of decking.

Socially Responsible & Friendly to the Environment

FSC® 100% Timber

Our wood flour used is FSC® 100% certified timber from responsible sources.

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