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Become a Stockist

By stocking Composite Prime® products you will have access to our high quality marketing and point of sale materials, in addition to other benefits including…

We offer FREE training to provide comprehensive product knowledge to better assist customers with decking enquires. Simply complete our online interactive training (approx 30mins) to become a Certified Prime Stockist.

As a Composite Prime® stockist, you will be prioritised with sales referrals from any enquiries we receive in your area.

We have some of the best marketing materials in the industry. Stay ahead of the curve and have access to our brochures, flyers and online materials to offer your customers.

Our PRO Installer Programme provides a network of qualified installers who we can direct residential and commercial clients to with confidence.

Each month, there’s a new prize draw where we’ve lined up lots of great prizes which will be up for grabs. Our stockist can enter our prize draw as well as your customers throughout the year. Learn more rewards

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    Marketing activity may come from Composite Prime's stockists and distributors, not always direct from Composite Prime.
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