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Composite decking takes the best qualities of wood and plastic. Using hardwood flour offers the most strength, over softwood flour, although coming in at a higher cost. This combined with a high-density plastic makes composite decking stronger than hardwood.
Composite decking products are popular because of their reliability, durability and finish. The wood flour element of our production process ensures that we can provide customers with all the beauty of a natural wood grain appearance though without any of the maintenance and upkeep dependencies that come attached to traditional materials.

Purchasing composite decking for your home, property or workplace can sometimes be a sizeable investment depending on the size of the area you want to cover. It lasts much longer! As it is a plastic product, composite decking will not rot or decay, meaning its durability will hold throughout the years.
As well as this, it will look nice all year round, which makes the composite decking a more aesthetically pleasing choice. It’s more slip-resistant! As composite is a part plastic product, mildew and mould do not grow on its surface. Making composite decking more resistant to causing slips and falls.


Composite decking may be more expensive initially, but over time, it can be a more cost-effective option than timber decking with substantially less maintenance. Taking into account the upkeep of timber, which includes staining the wood and regularly stripping the wood, composite decking has very little upkeep costs. It is a high quality, durable product, including everything down to the composite decking fixings. These are designed to withstand all weather conditions, giving you peace of mind that your decking has structural integrity and far less ability to degrade, leaving you with more time to wind down and relax.

Composite Prime® leads the way in environmentally friendly decking. Because of the connotations around plastic, many people think that composite decking is not likely to be environmentally friendly. Whilst some products do use unethical wood flour and/or are not using recycled plastic, Composite Prime® has recycled the equivalent of over 300 million plastic bottle caps and saved 25 million milk bottle from landfill. Our wood flour comes from ethical and sustainable forests and in many instances, is more environmentally friendly than traditional timber products.

All of our wood polymer products combine FSC 100% certified hardwood with recycled plastic. Our ‘Fire’ version of the HD Deck® XS product is a favourite of the construction and hospitality industries for its class B fire rating – providing the perfect material for balcony and roof terrace projects that demand first-class safety.

Composite decking has become hugely popular in both domestic and commercial settings in recent years, though its rise has unfortunately spawned a myriad of rogue traders and inferior products. So ask yourself, why invest in all the benefits of composite decking only to offset those advantages with poor quality products?

Composite Prime’s range of decking styles and colours
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Capped vs uncapped decking

Advantages of capped composite decking:

  • Maximum protection against fading
  • Maximum protection against staining
  • Increased resistance to mold
  • More realistic colouration and appearance
  • Different colours on the same board, reversible, 1 pack has 2 colour options
  • Longer life expectancy

Advantages of uncapped composite decking:

  • Price is lower
  • Generally a higher standard fire resistance
  • Can achieve a higher slip resistance
  • Available in modern and contemporary aesthetics
  • Easier to repair than capped composites from scuffs and scrapes
  • Cooler in direct sunlight

Easy installation

All decking comes with a range of accessories and easy to follow fitting guides.

  • Starter clips and screws
  • Universal clips and screws
  • Slim clips and screws (optional)
  • Matching fascia boards
  • Bullnose boards
    (HD Deck® Pro and Dual® only)
  • End caps
Easy installation
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