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which hd deck do i need? tips on finding the right choice for you

Which HD Deck Do I Need? Tips On Finding The Right Choice For You

We understand: getting down to the nitty-gritty of backyard decking probably isn’t the most exciting part of your garden renovation plans. However, it pays to get the details right when investing in a deck that will serve you, your family or business for as long as possible. Composite Prime’s signature high density, or “HD”, decking has a range of attributes making some more suited to particular needs. Here are some things to consider:

You may think being price-conscious involves cutting corners, but luckily there are deck styles to suit all budgets. Uncapped decking is generally cheaper than capped, as its manufacturing process is less intensive. While more vulnerable to aesthetic damage, like scratches and staining, our HD Deck 3D comes with a 10-year warranty and adds a classy touch to any backyard with a realistic wood texture and three handsome shades. Fear not: this style still easily outperforms traditional timber or bamboo decking.

If the aesthetics of a deck are important, look at decking that offers the largest range of styles and colours. For unrivalled likeness to timber, look no further than HD Deck Dual, one of our capped products. With a 25-year warranty, HD Deck Dual is so-called because each board comes with two colours—one on each side, for maximum customisability during and after initial installation. It uses a unique true grain colour system that imparts subtle variation on each board and ensures no two are the same.

For that stylish and modern look that extra-wide decking boards impart, choose HD Deck Pro or HD Deck 150, which come in a range of colours with reversible boards, allowing customers to choose the look of the decking. While the HD Deck Pro is available in two designer shades in highly realistic wood grain, the HD Deck 150 is grooved for a more uniform look. If effortless style and a luxurious look is the goal, you can’t go wrong with either of these products.

The biggest considerations for any deck installation is how space will be used. For example, a deck surrounding a barbecue, near an outdoor heater or in excessively bright sunlight may warrant Composite Prime’s “Fire” range, which comes as an extra option for our HD Deck 150 and HD Deck XS. The boards are imbued with extra fire retardant for a Class B fire safety rating.

When the decking is bordering a hot tub or pool, an HD Deck with strong sealants are necessary to deter fungus or algae. HD Deck Dual is extra long-life and will not warp, rot or decay. For areas of high abrasions, such as decks used regularly by children or for outdoor activities, we recommend the HD Deck XS, an extra strong, low maintenance deck that will stay looking great through the seasons and any challenges you throw at it.

Why Composite Prime?
Marrying decades of experience in both the plastic and timber industries, Composite Prime has risen to become a trusted name in the dynamic world of decking. Each of our decking products is made with 100% FSC-certified timber and recycled plastic is durable and child-friendly, is free from hazardous substances, and comes with at least a 10-year warranty.

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