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black composite decking

If you’re looking to create a more sophisticated atmosphere in your outdoor space, black composite decking could be the best choice for you. Each of Composite Prime’s ranges offers an option for a black finish, allowing you flexibility and a wide range of choices with an extra stylish finish. Capped or uncapped, single- or double-sided, hollow black composite boards at a range of price points mean that you can choose the most durable, easy to clean, easy to install and maintain, or indeed the most affordable option, without compromising on your original design.


From the highly durable, dual-sided and beautifully finished HD Deck dual boards in shades of Carbon or Slate, to the natural finish of the HD Deck 3D boards in Black Oak, to the more practical, low maintenance option of the HD Deck 150 in Lava, each option contrasts nicely with the natural colours of a garden or outdoor space, to create an extremely modern and trendy look.
Much like in clothing, your black composite decking boards will never go out of style and can pair equally well with white or bright sets of garden furniture as they would with the milder tones of wood.

Besides being water and slip-resistant, black composite decking boards offer the added benefit of needing less cleaning and potentially less maintenance over time than lighter finishes, as they look very forgiving under any conditions. Spills and garden debris are less noticeable against the dark colour, making black boards a great choice for high traffic areas, venues or families with young children.

HD Deck XS in Lava

Alternatively, these highly versatile boards could make an excellent match for an industrial-inspired garden furniture setup, dominated by the textures of natural wood and exposed metal. Consider this inspiration; a trendy coffee shop, buzzing with activity and excitement. Copper light fixtures and accents throughout. The metal and black theme extends to the outdoor area, complementing the indoor space, the patrons’ outfit and the coffee theme itself. You could create a similar buzzing atmosphere in your own outdoor space, with black composite decking serving to highlight your unique design choices throughout. The boards could provide a nice contrast to a number of elements, for example helping to highlight both black and silver metal fixtures, creating an attractive and welcoming look that will delight and surprise your guests.

Meanwhile, the boards themselves provide the same high quality, durability and ease of use you can expect from all Composite Prime® products, backed by a multi-year guarantee. Like all composite decking boards, they are easy to install with our clip and screw system, by following the detailed installation guide, making the project more affordable and far less frustrating than building a traditional timber deck.
As black boards tend to absorb more heat, the flexibility of the HD Deck® range allows it to expand and contract as needed to accommodate the changing weather conditions.

In addition, research suggests that a black finish increases the speed at which the object releases built-up heat, meaning that you can expect your deck to serve you longer than any similar alternative.

Composite Prime’s range of black decking
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Capped vs uncapped decking

Advantages of capped composite decking:

  • Maximum protection against fading
  • Maximum protection against staining
  • Increased resistance to mold
  • More realistic colouration and appearance
  • Different colours on the same board, reversible, 1 pack has 2 colour options
  • Longer life expectancy

Advantages of uncapped composite decking:

  • Price is lower
  • Generally a higher standard fire resistance
  • Can achieve a higher slip resistance
  • Available in modern and contemporary aesthetics
  • Easier to repair than capped composites from scuffs and scrapes
  • Cooler in direct sunlight
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