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grey composite decking

Composite Prime’s colours have been specifically produced and designed to fit in with garden and landscaping trends; there is something to suit everyone. The trend for grey composite decking is more popular than ever. It’s modern and stylish but still neutral, making it a great backdrop for many different complementary colours. As a general rule, neutral colours don’t go in or out of style, so grey composite decking is timeless and will be just as stylish in years to come as it is now.


Choosing a similar colour to others in your outdoor space is a great way of making sure that your decking easily fits into the landscape. Grey composite decking is a popular choice for those who want to feel modern and luxurious but still want to stay neutral. It is a colour that can be paired with most other colours, making it aesthetically pleasing and complimentary. Since grey offers so many options in terms of colour schemes, the best way to choose the right shade for your space is by considering what you’re looking for from your outdoor living area: do you want something light or dark? Soft or dramatic? Modern or traditional. It’s hard to deny the stylish appeal of grey.


With composite decking, you can enjoy the benefits of low maintenance and high durability without sacrificing aesthetics. As an external garden feature, it’s important to consider how exposure to the elements and daily use will affect the look of your composite deck.
The advantages of composite decking are that they retain colour well, making it the perfect choice for those with busy lifestyles who simply want to be able to enjoy spending time in their outdoor space without having to excessively tend their decking. Grey composite decking will hide dirt and grime, so it won’t show every new footprint or speck of dirt.

Composite Prime offer the ability to order sample packs so that you can get a feel of the texture and weight of the decking boards, but also a selection of the colours available. Viewing the colour on a website or a leaflet isn’t the same as seeing the colour on the decking board in the flesh, so we always recommend checking a sample first.

Composite Prime’s range of grey decking
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Capped vs uncapped decking

Advantages of capped composite decking:

  • Maximum protection against fading
  • Maximum protection against staining
  • Increased resistance to mold
  • More realistic colouration and appearance
  • Different colours on the same board, reversible, 1 pack has 2 colour options
  • Longer life expectancy

Advantages of uncapped composite decking:

  • Price is lower
  • Generally a higher standard fire resistance
  • Can achieve a higher slip resistance
  • Available in modern and contemporary aesthetics
  • Easier to repair than capped composites from scuffs and scrapes
  • Cooler in direct sunlight

Easy installation

All decking comes with a range of accessories and easy to follow fitting guides.

  • Starter clips and screws
  • Universal clips and screws
  • Slim clips and screws (optional)
  • Matching fascia boards
  • Bullnose boards
    (HD Deck® Pro and Dual® only)
  • End caps
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