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Composite decking fixings are the second most important element to a successful decking project, after the boards themselves. Just like the HD Deck® boards, the HD Deck® composite decking fixings and screws are designed to withstand all weather conditions and provide your finished deck with the flexibility necessary to bear varying amounts of load over the years.

The HD Deck® composite decking clips and screws are designed to be used specifically with Composite Prime® products. Used in tandem with the HD Deck® range, they will last longer and blend seamlessly with the rest of the deck, providing an aesthetically pleasing result.

The screws and fixings are free from hazardous or environmentally harmful substances, making for a safe and simple installation. Lastly, the composite decking fixings in the HD Deck® range are crafted with simple and straightforward application and removal in mind.

The range also contains a set of starter clips, intended for use on starting and finishing decking boards, as well as for fixing bullnose boards. Starter clips are required at 300mm intervals. The HD Deck® composite decking fixings are designed to provide a “secret fix” appearance.

The materials used are PVC for the fixings themselves and metal for the screws, providing a combination of strength and durability and a complementary appearance to the HD Deck® range decking boards.


Starter clips allow you to position the edges of your exactly where you want, without having to leave a gap when fitting against a wall or fence. The way to use them is by attaching the stainless-steel starter clip to the end of the composite or wood joist before starting to lay your composite decking boards.

Each Composite Prime® system has been carefully crafted, down to the smallest detail, to maximise ease of use and installation, while maintaining durability and visual appeal. The complementary composite decking fixings are no exception. Free from hazardous substances, they pose minimal risk during and after the installation process.

In fact, their intuitive design makes them perfectly suited for a home build. With just some basic DIY skills, a careful read of the HD Deck® installation guide and a set of HD Deck® composite decking fixings, you’ll be well on your way to a charming and functional outdoor space, a place for friends and relatives to gather, and a relaxing and stylish haven in your own garden.

Like the boards they have been designed to work with, these screws are highly efficient when it comes to withstanding the various conditions they will face throughout the year. Tough, laser-cut plastic T-clips fit in the decking boards’ grooves and expand and contract with the boards, while stainless steel screws limit the risk of corrosion and provide superior wear resistance.

By combining Composite Prime® boards with the complementary set of fixings, you are ensuring that your newly built deck is not only beautiful but also durable enough to achieve the maximum lifespan of your boards and ensure that you go on to enjoy them for years to come.

Composite Prime’s Fitting Guides
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Capped vs uncapped decking

Advantages of capped composite decking:

  • Maximum protection against fading
  • Maximum protection against staining
  • Increased resistance to mold
  • More realistic colouration and appearance
  • Different colours on the same board, reversible, 1 pack has 2 colour options
  • Longer life expectancy

Advantages of uncapped composite decking:

  • Price is lower
  • Generally a higher standard fire resistance
  • Can achieve a higher slip resistance
  • Available in modern and contemporary aesthetics
  • Easier to repair than capped composites from scuffs and scrapes
  • Cooler in direct sunlight

Easy installation

All decking comes with a range of accessories and easy to follow fitting guides.

  • Starter clips and screws
  • Universal clips and screws
  • Slim clips and screws (optional)
  • Matching fascia boards
  • Bullnose boards
    (HD Deck® Pro and Dual® only)
  • End caps
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