Composite Prime

Become a Certified Installer

Why become a Certified Installer of Composite Prime?

Official installers of Composite Prime products receive a variety of benefits such as:

Make installations more affordable, making your customer base much wider. Together we’ll make luxury that little bit more affordable for everyone.

Become the go-to Composite Prime installer in your area, as people can find you in our online ‘Installer Finder’. Your business will benefit from our online traffic.

We employ independent assessors from the Association of Professional landscapers to asses your installation skills. They are non-biased and fair minded, with an excellent eye for quality assessment.

We will be there in person to take you through the installation specifications so you can easily learn and ask us questions on the spot.

We have some of the best marketing materials in the industry. Stay ahead of the curve and have access to our brochures, flyers and online materials to offer to your customers during the decision making process. Helping you to close the deal.

As an installer you will be prioritised with sales referrals from any enquiries we receive in your area.

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