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10 must-haves for every landscaper or gardener

In this week’s blog post we explore the gardener’s toolkit to find out what materials, equipment and items that are absolute must-haves to cut down on time and get the job done with as much as ease as possible. Read on for our top 10 must-haves for every landscaper and gardener…

1.      A good shovel

A good shovel can never be underestimated. If you’re serious about your garden, then it’s time to invest in this vital piece of equipment. Make sure you purchase a shovel that is the right size for you and comes with a non-slip handle, so you can use both hands for getting through tough terrain.

2.      Wall fitted tool organiser

Fixed to your garage or shed wall, a tool organiser allows you to customise hooks and shelves for your tools and parts. Having everything fixed to the wall saves on space, allows for better organisation and keeps your equipment off the floor where they can be more susceptible to dirt and liquid.

3.      Hozelock auto reel

We’re a big fan of the Hozelock auto reel for your hose pipes. Fitted against your wall, the Hozelock allows you to quickly water your garden without having to untwist the piping. It stores the hosepipe easily and means you’re unlikely to get any knots or leaks in the long term.

4.      A sturdy tool belt

A tool belt is a helpful accessory to have when you’re out and about doing several things at once. You don’t need to have it stocked up with tools, its pockets are extra useful for storing seeds, twine and even the odd small plant pot! A tool belt means you won’t be getting up and down on a regular basis to and from the shed.

5.      Lighting up with lanterns

Investing in some beautiful lanterns can really help you extend your enjoyment in the garden until after dark. Solar panelled lanterns are a great way of getting some light into the garden without the need for wires or power points. They look great in the late evening and just provide the right finishing touch.

6.      Decent garden gloves

Make sure that when you buy some garden gloves you don’t try save a few pennies by going for some cheap and unreliable gloves. Rugged and well-made garden gloves mean that your hands will always be protected, and you won’t have to replace them as quickly as cheap ones.

7.      Durable composite decking

Investment in composite decking like our HD DECK DUAL means that you can always enjoy beautiful, tidy and safe (anti-slip resistant) decking without the worry it’s going to splinter, colours faint or need painting. We firmly believe that composite decking is the way forward for all gardeners and landscapers wanting to achieve stunning looks with minimal fuss.

8.      Growing in a greenhouse

A greenhouse is a must-have for serious gardeners that want to protect and grow their plant life all year round. Available in shapes, sizes and prices, a greenhouse can make a huge difference in the long term as gardeners can start to grow their own rather than being reliant on new plants from the garden centre.

9.      Rattan furniture

Albeit an expensive addition to the garden, rattan furniture is lightweight and easy to clean and move around at will. Combined with a decent cover, there’s no reason you can’t get many years out of this furniture so that you sit back and relax and really enjoy the fruits of your gardening efforts.

10. A running fountain

Last but not least, is a perfect water feature. Perhaps controversial, we feel this is a must-have as not only does it look great and contribute to the atmosphere of the landscape but running water is calming and relaxing and can help mask over the sound of nearby roads or neighbours.

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