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How to Add Value to Your Home Through Your Garden

Outside space is hot property. Whether it’s the result of three lockdowns, or an increased focus on how outdoor space impacts wellbeing, gardens and outdoor spaces are top of today’s homebuyers’ wish lists. And they don’t just make homes more attractive – a desirable outdoor space can add tens of thousands to your property’s value.

Even if you’re happily staying put for now, it doesn’t hurt to think about how your garden alterations will impact your house’s value. Giving your outside space the same TLC as your inside space can pay dividends in the future.

Here’s how to maximise your home’s value through your garden.

Keep it tidy

No different to the inside of your home, keeping your garden well-maintained is essential. A well-kept garden can add as much as £2k to your property’s value. More importantly, aspects like a mouldy conservatory roof, dilapidated fence or damaged walls or patios could knock off as much as £6k from your home’s value (according to research by Roofing Megastore).

Assess focal points

Think about what is seen from inside your home, and what is seen as soon as you enter the garden. An outdoor entertaining or dining area, for example, can add more than £6k to your asking price. Ornate features like garden pods, pergolas and arbours are still all the rage.

Build a shed

Just as storage is king inside the home, a shed is a necessity for modern home buyers. We all need somewhere to stash tools, and kids’ toys and keep the garden free of paraphernalia. And a new shed in tip-top condition can add thousands to your home’s value.

Add a garden room

Garden rooms rocketed in popularity during the pandemic – for reasons we don’t need to spell out. The versatility of a garden room is a huge draw for buyers. A playroom, a gym, a studio, an office, a summer house, a den for teens – where there’s potential, there are pounds. Potentially more than 7,000 of them if you have one.

Bring some style to your garden

Garden design trends are now just as important as interior design when staging a property. Make sure you showcase your garden’s true potential by dressing it with stylish furniture and accessories. We increasingly use our gardens as outdoor living rooms. Make sure people aspire to live like you.

Bring in the professionals

A garden designer can help you transform your outdoor space into whatever your imagination can conjure up. A tropical idyll? A Japanese sanctuary? A modernist courtyard? A fragrant Mediterranean retreat? The opportunities are endless.

An outdoor kitchen

Outdoor entertaining and dining is a hot trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Features like a kitchen garden, an outdoor kitchen, a built-in pizza oven or a barbecue can add serious value to your home.

Quality flooring

It would be remiss of us not to mention how valuable a clean, low-maintenance, stylish flooring solution would be for your garden. A new paved patio or new decking area can add up to £5.5k to your home’s value. Wooden decks are notoriously high maintenance, and once they start to look shabby the daunting prospect of replacing them can detract from your home’s value. Long-term thinking pays off when it comes to garden flooring.

To see how our range of outdoor decking solutions could keep your garden in top condition and uphold its value for years to come, view our product range.

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