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Autumn is The Best Time For Garden Projects

It’s safe to say we can finally stop talking about how hot it is. This only means, however, that we just have a variation in the type of weather we’re moaning about. These cooler days aren’t all bad, though! Whilst summer is the time for enjoying your garden to the fullest, autumn presents the perfect opportunity for embarking on garden design projects. Here’s why it’s the right time to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into a garden overhaul.

Working conditions are at their most comfortable

Manual labour in the extreme heat is no fun. Not only is it exhausting, but it’s also dangerous. Heatstroke, or hyperthermia, can put you in hospital. So that’s the perfect excuse to put your feet up in the shade. Cooler autumnal weather presents little danger, so there’s no such luck now, we’re afraid. And since the cold, wet weather hasn’t properly kicked in yet, it’s best get in there before it does. Time to get cracking then!

Plants die or are cut back

The benefit of autumn is that your lush summer plants will either die back, or will be cut back at this time. While this might not sound like a benefit, it means it gives you the opportunity to really see your space and what you have to work with. You can visualise changes and plan much more effectively in a less busy garden.

It’s a great time for planting

If you want to redesign your garden, the time is now. It’s the best time of year to plant spring bulbs. It’s also the best time of year to settle shrubs and saplings into the ground so they can put down lots of strong, healthy roots by the time spring comes around. The secret to a beautiful garden is forward planning.

You can take advantage of garden centre sales

The cost of living crisis means that everyone’s looking for a bargain. At this time of year, you’re bound to find great savings as garden centres offload their end-of-season stock. Plants and shrubs will be on offer, along with furniture, gazebos, barbecues, planters, sun loungers and more. Savvy shoppers know the best time to purchase outdoor living products is when you have the least use for them.

Save on labour, too

Off-season installation for outdoor features like fences, patios, garden rooms and decking can save you a packet. There are fewer customers at this time of year, so you’ll likely have more choice about when the labourers will complete the work. You are also likely to be using the garden less, so it should be less disruptive. It’s not prime construction season for a reason, though. While there’s generally less competition and lower prices, there is more likelihood of a job being rained off. C’est la vie.

Is it time for you to take the leap and transform your garden this autumn? If a new composite deck is on the agenda, you can find an approved installer on our website

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