Baby safe composite decking for new parents this summer

Baby safe composite decking
Composite Prime is so safe your baby can walk, crawl and play harm-free.

Toddlers and babies are usually kept well out of the back garden and patio during the summer with plenty of items able to cut, graze and sting them. However, this summer parents to babies and toddlers need not worry about their decking.

Composite Prime’s composite wood plastic decking is a fantastic addition to any home, not just because it comes in a variety of different colours, is extremely durable and requires next to no maintenance. Our composite decking product is also incredibly safe to little ones, as the rest of our article explains.

Benefits of Composite Decking

Composite wood plastic is made by combining recycled plastic material and wood flour to create an ultra-strong, durable but beautiful plastic wood material. To the naked eye, our composite decking product looks entirely natural with the smallest of details such as natural grain texture making up the look. However, because our composite decking using plastic as well, we get all the benefits from plastic particles – durability, strength and safety.

Unlike traditional wood decking, our composite decking products don’t wear or fray as easily after sustained use or bad weather. The wood plastic material is also naturally resistant to fungus which is usually the primary reason your wood rots or decays (and often causes accidents in the long-term). As such, our product won’t splinter or crack. This allows babies and toddlers to happily crawl and run barefoot across our decking whilst the parent can rest assured that they won’t damage their soft skin.

Slip-resistant decking

Another benefit of composite wood plastic it that it has slip-resistant properties which means you’ll never have to worry about your little one slipping. Children are inevitably going to run and play without paying too much attention to what’s beneath them, so our slip-resistant material reduces the risk of falls, bumps and grazes, even when they aren’t wearing any footwear. Even if they or you manage to spill liquid or if it’s been raining, our material will remain resistant to slippage. It’s one of the reasons our composite decking is often used on large commercial outdoor properties.

Sustainability starts at home

Our composite decking has the equivalent of more than 3,000 recycled plastic bottle caps per square metre. Our wood flour is FSC 100% certified timber from a responsible source. We strongly believe that all of our products promote a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. So when you purchase your new decking from Composite Prime you can rest assured that you’re not only protecting your children’s feet, but also the planet that they will grow up in.

Easy to install

Unlike timber decking and other products, our composite decking products are incredibly easy to install. We provide full guidance on how you can install our product in your outdoor spaces on our fitting guide section of the website. Alternatively, you can speak to us for a recommendation of a trained Composite Prime installer from our stockists network to undertake the job for you if you should wish.

To find out more about how safe and sound our composite decking products are and why they are a perfect fit for families, get in touch with us on social media or use our online contact form.

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