Benefits of composite decking in the work place

Composite decking has the beauty of timber but the strength of plastic.

We often talk about the value of composite decking to gardeners, home owners and landscapers, but our wonderfully crafted product range is also hugely beneficial to the work place. Every week we’re speaking to more and more architects and construction project managers who want to use our sustainable, durable and beautiful composite decking in their commercial projects.

Here are just a few reasons why so many in the architecture and construction industry are getting behind our composite decking products:


The combination of wood and plastic materials in our composite decking means that our products are resistant to slippage in wet and dry conditions. For many businesses, this reduces the risk of personal injury compensation claims and ensures that staff and visitors can move about safely. Composite decking is the ideal choice for work places that might have outdoor working or eating areas. Leaks, wet weather and slippages are always bound to happen, so having a decking material that can help avoid slips and falls is hugely beneficial.

Low maintenance

The durability of the Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) makes it a superior product ahead of traditional softer wood decking products. Softer woods are more susceptible to damage like splintering, cracks, dents and fraying. Composite decking however has a much longer lifetime and means that businesses don’t need to pay out extra costs such as re-sanding, re-varnishing and repainting as our wood plastic composite material protects against rot and colour fading.

Ethical materials

More and more UK businesses, architects and consumers want their building materials to be ethically sourced from sustainable forests. Not only is our composite decking FSC certified to ensure that the wood flour comes from responsible timber sources, but every square metre has the equivalent of 3,000 recycled bottle caps. This ensures that companies can continue to meet Corporate Social Responsibility internal targets and carry on with a work culture that promotes an environmentally friendly agenda.

High quality finish

Despite it’s strength and use of recycled plastic, our composite decking product still retains the natural looking grain finish that wood has. In many ways, composite decking is a more suitable choice as the grain texture will likely last longer after sustained usage compared to traditional softer woods. Our Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) decking comes in an assortment of styles, shapes and colours so that architects and business owners can customise their decking to suit their needs without ever having to contract outdoor painters at an additional cost.


Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) has natural anti-fungal properties that ensure it combats fungus that commonly grows on wood decking. Fungal infections inevitably lead to damage such as wood rot that means entire planks of decking have to be replaced entirely (often at a large cost). Our durable and anti-fungal composite decking negates this issue and means that commercial property owners don’t have to worry about anti-fungal treatments.


Above all else, our composite decking is extremely flexible. It can be cut down to size to fit your specifications without splintering or damaging the integrity of the product. Products like HD DECK DUAL are ideal for commercial projects as it offers two colours on either side of the decking so that it can be installed without having to double-order minimum stock of a different colour in. This facilitates for interesting and colourful designs and layouts of our product.

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