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Benefits of composite decking in the workplace

Composite Decking can create an environmentally friendly and beautiful outdoor landscape

When it comes to designing and building a commercial workspace, today’s architects must take hundreds of factors into account. Peeping to budget, navigating planning permission or simply making sure that their design looks the part, all rely on the types of materials used during construction. Increasingly we’re seeing architects and property developers choosing Composite Prime for their commercial projects due to its many benefits, such as…

It’s great for the environment

Undoubtedly one of the main benefits of our composite decking products is its environmentally friendly credentials. Produced using sustainable FSC approved wood flour and recycled plastic, our composite decking means that architects can use a beautiful product that will adhere to company’s Corporate Social Responsibility or environmental policies. More and more businesses are including the requirement for ethical and sustainable materials as part of their design brief. Customers want to ensure that if they are undertaking a large commercial project that may disturb the local environment, they are at the very least, making their project as green as possible.

It has stunning visual appeal

Not all composite decking products are as visually stunning as Composite Prime. We work hard to ensure that every product we produce is of only the highest quality. This comes by thorough quality assurance checks and painstakingly detailed design for our products. Not only do our composite decking products have the look and texture of real wood products, but they come in a variety of current and fashionable colours.

This allows our customers plenty of choice and flexibility when it comes to redesigning their outdoor landscape. Products such as HD Deck Dual come with dual colours so that purchases can install their decking with two-tone colouring without having to order each colour separately and can avoid potentially being left with surplus material.

It lasts the test of time

One of the core ingredients of our composite decking is recycled plastic (we recycle the equivalent of 280 plastic milk bottles per square metre of decking). Not only does this make our product sustainable and incredibly environmentally friendly, but it also gives it unbelievable strength and durability compared to traditional wood products. The inclusion of plastic means that our products don’t wear down or degrade in the same way that wood may. Antifungal properties help prevent against wood rot, which means that businesses won’t have to be concerned about replacing or maintaining their outdoor decking areas on a regular basis.

It’s safe underfoot

Composite Prime’s decking is incredible strong with antifungal properties, it’s also less likely to be susceptible to splintering. Rogue splinters, rot or cracks can potentially cause hazards in the workplace (particularly in the colder winter months when the ground can often be slippy). Our slip-resistant composite decking means that it’s the ideal choice for businesses that want to improve staff safety.

In conclusion…

Composite decking is a great alternative to wood decking for workplaces due to its design flexibility, environmental credentials, durability and low maintenance costs.

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