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Press Release: Creating a dream house in the country

Laura Deller, her husband and young family weren’t looking to move from their comfortable new build property in a bustling town in Bedfordshire back in summer 2019. But when the family drove past a 70’s fixer upper project in a local, quaint village, Laura’s vision for her family’s future became clear. 

The spontaneous house move was driven by Laura and her husband’s desire to bring up their young children in an idyllic location with ample space – a stark contrast to Laura’s city upbringing in Birmingham. The two teachers embarked on a total home renovation project with the main aim of creating a home that could last the test of time as the family grows older together. 

The home had a huge selling and unique feature – the 300 foot long garden. Nestled in a detached corner plot, the garden offered endless views and completed the property’s large footprint. The garden was at the bottom of the list of renovation priorities but the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns drove the couple to tackle the space whilst other areas of the home could not be progressed. 

Whilst the duo focussed on clearing brambles, bushes and trees, Laura realised the garden was going to be integral to making the house a home that would stand the test of time. The kitchen’s existing connecting conservatory was going to be replaced with gable end windows and Laura decided the garden wasn’t just going to be an outdoor living space, but it was going to be a multi-function space that had multiple zones and uses. 

Outdoor living is a key trend for 2022 and research has shown that the inside-outside trend has featured in 11% of the top images under the #gardeninspiration hashtag in the last 12 months. The average UK garden is just 14 metres squared and Laura had more than 100 metres to play with so she began designing zones which would allow her family to have direct access to the outdoors all year round. 

Chronicled on Laura’s Instagram account, @houseproject_36, the overhaul is complete with a luxury, weather resistant pergola, outdoor kitchen, living space, party zone and sustainable, slip-resistant Composite Prime® decking. 

Commenting on the garden renovation, Laura said: “We fell head over heels with this property, it was so different to anything either of us had lived in previously. The garden was a huge challenge, it was used for rearing lots of different animals by the previous owners so to create the blank canvas we needed was a big job. 

“Once we had our canvas, our aspirations really took off. One thing that was so important to us was to create the feeling of outdoor living, year round and throughout the day and night. Our children are young and whilst they need space to run and explore, they will also eventually crave their own space and different areas in the home to relax. 

“Decking was a must, the floor and grass were in varying states and due to the sheer size of the garden we had the opportunity to do something really unique.” 

Carefully laid, wrapping around the top parameter of the garden to give level access to two both sides of the garden, Composite Prime’s HD Deck Dual® in Slate is laid in a unique shape which includes a roofed pergola which is complemented with a fully working kitchen, pizza oven and chic sofa sets. The area also features a  minimalist charcoal floor lamp and stunning fire pit , which brings the multi purpose ‘lounge vibe’ to life. 

Laura continued: “I hand-picked Composite Prime decking due to its natural aesthetics and impressive eco credentials – each square metre of composite decking containing the equivalent of more than 3,000 plastic bottle caps or 280 plastic bottles. It’s also the most authentic timber alternative we spotted during our research.

“Life at home is everything we ever dreamed of and more. The decking is intentionally laid vertically from the kitchen, giving an infinity feel which naturally leads people into the garden. The garden isn’t an outdoor space, it’s an entire home of its own. We have the hot tub area, the covered kitchen, the safe and splitter free areas for the kids to play – the options are endless! 

“From 6am the sliding doors are open, I have a coffee in the sunshine and my daughter heads to her special reading spot. We eat, play, relax and have fun outside. In fact we’re celebrating my son’s 5th and my husband’s 40th this year and the parties will be held outside – the disco ball has been ordered to be installed under the pergola! I’ve created the heart of my home and I can’t wait to see how the space continues to provide for me and my family.” 

Composite Prime® is the UK’s leading brand of sustainable composite decking and flooring products. The Yorkshire-based brand manufactures its unique products from FSC 100% certified quality oak wood fibre and recycled plastics. In the seven years of operation the brand has saved the equivalent of 176 million plastic milk bottles from landfill and over 1.8 billion bottle top caps.

To find out more about how to transform your outdoor space with low maintenance and family-friendly composite decking, please visit:  wwww.composite-prime.com 

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