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Do Composite Decking and Fireworks Mix?

The emergency services detest them. Pet owners moan about them on community Facebook groups. Yet the British public still adores them. Fireworks. Love or loathe them, fireworks are a fact of Autumn life in the UK. With 5th November around the corner, we thought we’d dive into whether hosting a fireworks display in your garden is a good idea for your composite deck.

Is it safe to have fireworks with a composite deck?

Fireworks are spectacular and great fun, but they’re still explosives that can damage you, your guests and your property – including your composite deck. If you’re planning a home fireworks display, here’s what to consider to protect your composite decking (and, of course, the people who may be on it.)

Ensure you light any fireworks well away from your deck

This means ensuring you light your fireworks at the same distance as is recommended for any spectators. Firework packaging will tell you the distance you should put between them and the audience, and you should give your property the same protection.

Can fireworks melt composite decking?

The short answer is yes – it can also leave scorch and burn marks. Sparks and embers from fireworks can be incredibly hot, which is why you must ensure you don’t light fireworks anywhere near your property or audience. In addition, card and plastic casing from fireworks can be hot when they hit the ground, so even if you keep a safe distance, it’s possible that debris may fall on your deck and cause damage.

Can composite decking set on fire?

Composite products contain plastic, which has a high heat-release rate. This means it’s definitely possible for composite materials to combust when they come into contact with high-heat sources. This is another reason why fireworks should be kept well away from your deck along with most other garden structures, which can also be flammable.

How can you fix burn marks on composite decking?

If a rogue firework or sparkler does result in a burn mark on your decking, first be thankful it’s ONLY your decking. It’s relatively straightforward to replace individual boards. If you have some leftover decking following your installation, this can be a handy use for it.

Please stay safe this bonfire night

We hope your bonfire night celebrations are spectacular, but above all, we hope they’re safe. The safest way to enjoy fireworks this 5th November is at a professional display, but if you do decide to opt for a home garden fireworks event then the firework safety guide from ROSPA is full of guidelines and advice to help protect you, your guests and your home from damage from fireworks.

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