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Garden Design Features That Stand The Test Of Time

A garden redesign is a time-consuming and expensive process. So when you’re going to the effort of giving your garden a makeover, you want to ensure your investment lasts as long as possible. Naturally, the quality and longevity of the garden products you choose should be top of the agenda. This is probably why you’re considering hard-wearing, low maintenance and durable composite decking in the first place. However, true longevity when it comes to design is about more than how long a product will last, on a functional and aesthetic level.

When designing your garden, there’s no point in opting for materials that will last forever when they begin to look dated and unfashionable. So, with this firmly in mind, here are some garden design ideas that won’t go out of style any time soon.

Harmonise your garden design with your home

Gardens are no longer an appendage to our homes – to be enjoyed or ignored depending on the season. Your garden is an integral part of your home and living space, and this concept will never be reversed. Design trends have increasingly served to harmonise the garden with interior design concepts. Indoor-outdoor living is all about blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors. Link interior furnishings with natural materials outside. Bring the outside in through picture windows and bifold doors. Bring the inside out with functional and aesthetic design features that make our gardens a living space to be enjoyed all year round. 

Invest in garden furniture that delivers the same level of comfort and style as your indoor living space. Invest in lighting that allows you to customise the ambience of your outdoor space just as you would in your living or dining room. The key is to make your garden another living space, not simply a garden.

Opt for informal, unstructured planting

Structured or heavily themed gardens can look incredibly stylish and impressive but may quickly begin to date as design trends move on. To ensure your garden is timeless, less is more when it comes to structuring the planting. Natural garden styles with soft, unstructured planting including wild meadows and grasses will never go out of style. These gardens carry the indestructible appeal of easy-listening music. Relaxed, informal and not taking itself too seriously.

You can’t go wrong with classics

If you do prefer a little more structure to your planting, then you can’t go wrong with classics. Rose, lavender, phlox, alliums and phlox can all look romantic, whimsical, sophisticated, elegant or modern depending on the setting and partner plants.

Don’t forget your hardscaping – go for timeless decking

You can’t go wrong with choosing composite decking if you want a garden that’s going to look stylish and in great condition for decades. But what exactly makes decking so timeless?

The appearance of timber brings a quality of natural, timeless beauty with it. Thanks to modern technology, composite decking boards can provide the look of timber without the drawbacks. Safe and luxurious underfoot, composite decking won’t splinter, warp, crack or become rough. The clean, straight lines achieved with decking provide so much flexibility. They work with a myriad of styles, complementing classic and contemporary landscapes alike. Popular since the 1990s, decking has never and will never go out of style. And since composite decking can last over 30 years, that’s a comforting thought.

Visualise how a deck could create a timeless design in your garden with our virtual 3D deck builder Prime Design.

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