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How to care for your composite decking to ensure its long life

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With just a few tips you’ll be able to protect your new composite decking and guarantee a long lifetime

Composite Prime products are so popular due to their reliability, durability and beautiful finish, however, just because they are high quality products doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care from them from time to time.

Our composite decking does require substantially less maintenance than wood alternatives, but it does still need a bit of care to make sure it continues to look its best. In this blog article we’re covering some ways that Composite Prime customers can care and look after their products.

Keep your decking clear of debris

Ensuring that your composite decking is swept and kept clear of debris like leaves, pollen and dirt so that mould can’t grow on the exterior of the decking. This potentially over time could weaken the strength of the decking and ruin the appearance. A quick sweep every so often should be more than enough to protect your composite decking.

Avoid scrapes and scratches

Whilst our composite decking product is unbelievably strong, it can still be damaged by scratches and scrapes. Make sure that any furniture placed on your decking has its feet or base fitted with rubber or plastic scratch guards so that when the furniture is moved, it minimises the risk of scratches.

Mould and Mildew

If you do encounter mould or mildew on your composite decking product, you can use organic patio cleaner such as Algon or a sodium percarbonate oxygen activated bleach. Simply apply this to your decking and scrub with a thick bristle brush. Always rinse and make sure you’ve washed away any excess or residual cleaning product afterwards.

Icy conditions

When the weather turns cold and snowy, you can still use your composite decking. Simply applying rock salt or other calcium chloride products is fine to use in order to melt ice or snow. Just make sure that when the ice and snow has subsided that you rinse off any remaining salt with water and a brush.

Removing oil/grease

Your decking is likely to come across some oil or grease slippage at some point in its lifetime, but don’t worry – this can be removed from our product without harming the quality finish. Composite Prime customers are advised to scrub in a household-degreasing agent onto the affected area as soon as they can in order to remove any potential would-be stains. Rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove any degreasing agent left on the decking when you’re done.

Other liquids/natural stains

You may find that if you have berries nearby these can get onto the decking and appear to stain the product. Simply use an eco-friendly sodium percarbonate bleach in hot water and then try to scrub the affected area lightly as quickly as you can. Be careful not to use too much bleach as this can potentially cause the colouring to fade or change colour.

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