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How to choose your composite decking board colour?

Our tips for picking the very best colour of Composite Prime decking

Once you’ve decided to use composite decking for your outdoor space, the next natural decision is to pick a colour.

There are often a number of key considerations when it comes to picking colour, including; cost, other colours in the garden, the surrounding landscape and for many businesses – their own brand colours. Whatever the reason, the colour of your composite decking can completely change the look and feel of your outdoor space, so it’s vital you pick something you love.

In this blog article, we’ve explored all the potential reasons to pick a certain colour and some questions that buyers should ask themselves before making a decision.

Think about the area you’re placing the decking

If you’re planning to lay your new decking in an area that doesn’t have a lot of shade or is likely to be exposed to a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day, then you might want to avoid darker colours. Darker colours attract the heat and can often end up becoming very hot underfoot or to touch. A lighter colouring may be a better choice and will mean that you can walk around on your decking barefoot in complete comfort.

Complimenting other colours

Choosing a similar colour to that of others in your outdoor space is a great way of making sure that your decking easily “fits in” and creates a visually stunning colour theme. All of our Composite Prime colours have been specifically designed and produced to fit in with the latest garden and landscaping trends so that there’s something to suit everyone.

Contrasting other colours

In many instances, choosing a contrasting colour to the rest of your garden can work really well in creating a unique space that stands out. Using products like our HD Deck Dual is a great way of contrasting completely different shades of colour to create a striking appearance for features such as borders or patterns within your decking.

Creating an atmosphere

Colour plays a massive role in creating an atmosphere in an outdoor space. Red/brown wood colouring creates a traditional ambience that is more in touch with nature and natural spaces. Lighter colours like pale greens and blues can be used to generate a clean, tidy and modern space that works well against other pastel colours. Dark colours like black create bold, contemporary and modern spaces that work well with other striking colours found in plant life or furniture such as reds or yellows.

Matching the indoors, outdoors

During the summer months, you may want to have bi-folding doors or patio doors open so that your indoor space immediately opens up onto your decking. In this case, it may be worth considering the colour that you choose. Keeping a similar colour as your indoor environment will help make the transition from indoors, to out, feel fluid.

Take advantage of samples

Most composite decking providers (including Composite Prime) offer the ability to order free sample packs so that you can get a feel of the texture and weight of the decking boards, but also a selection of the colours available. Viewing the colour on a website or a leaflet isn’t the same as seeing the colour on the decking board in the flesh, so we always recommend checking a sample first.

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