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How to Make Your Garden More Private

Outdoor living is so important to many of us now. The freedom to do as we please in our outdoor sanctuary is a perfect antidote to busy modern life. But one thing gets in the way of us enjoying our gardens more than anything else. Even more than the unpredictable weather. You guessed it: it’s the neighbours.

You’re in a lucky position indeed if your garden isn’t overlooked in this densely populated country. If you’re like most UK homeowners, you co-exist with multiple neighbours having lines of sight into each other’s gardens. 

If your garden is overlooked, there are lots of ways to create a private, secluded atmosphere and obscure both your neighbours’ view of you and your view of things you’d rather keep out of your line of sight. And if you’re worried about offending the neighbours by screening yourself off from them, don’t. The majority of these measures mutually benefit you and your neighbours, by providing reciprocal privacy. Who would complain about delivering your neighbours an attractive view to replace the one of you mowing the lawn in your pyjamas? Not that you aren’t attractive in your pyjamas, of course. There’s no judgement here.

Create privacy in your garden through walled structures

This can be as elaborate and large scale, or as small and simple as you have the space and budget for. You can build entire semi-open outdoor kitchens, dining rooms and living spaces. Or, you can build simple lean-to structures with straight or slanted roofs. Roofs can be solid or slatted. Either way, they provide privacy and shade. But, if the shade isn’t your thing, you can even build structures that will screen an overhead view whilst still allowing the sunshine to fill your seating area and giving you private sunbathing opportunities.

Pergolas can offer privacy without feeling too closed in

A pergola can provide overhead privacy, and you can add retractable walls using bamboo screens. More permanent walls can be created from timber or composite cladding and can be solid or slatted.  You also have the option of growing climbing plants that will soften the structure and create extra privacy as the plants take over.

Build a hideaway in your garden

Building a summer house or garden room can provide you with a space to retreat to, away from prying eyes, whilst still enjoying the sights and sounds of your outdoor space. Single-storey structures can also provide privacy and distance between you and the neighbours, without encroaching on anyone’s right to light.

Plant for privacy

Mature trees and hedges can provide oodles of options for privacy. Leylandii, otherwise known as the Leyland cypress, grow tall and proud super quickly. Even under challenging conditions, these fast-growing evergreens can grow a meter in height annually. 

Dig deep

Sunken seating options can also give you a feeling of privacy. The entire point of a conversation pit is to generate a feeling of intimacy and cosy seclusion without building walls or physical barriers. We’ve even featured how you can create one in your garden using leftover composite decking.

Fortify your fence

If you want to add height to your fence, it’s possible. But you’ll need planning permission to go higher than 2m, even if you’re just affixing trellis to the top of existing fencing. You can, however, clad your fence with composite cladding to enhance security and soundproofing. Neighbours can’t peek through any gaps in fencing when it’s covered in composite cladding. You can also add sections of living walls or extra privacy and interest.

Create privacy screens wherever you need them

Fencing doesn’t need to be reserved for the perimeter of your garden. You can also consider building a privacy screen using composite decking or fencing surrounding specific areas of your garden. Many modern garden designs make a design feature of an outdoor fireplace or firepit with privacy screening on either side. This creates a cosy lounging area that is sheltered from the elements and your neighbour’s line of sight. Hot tubs and spas are another common area where you can create privacy screening and shelter to ensure you can use your investment all year round, whilst enjoying more privacy and shielding your neighbours from the sound of the spa jets.

For more ideas on how to use composite cladding to build more privacy and shelter into your garden, check out our HD Clad Pro

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