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How to Protect Your Composite Decking From Scratches

Hold on a minute. I thought you said composite decking was scratch proof….

Well, almost. Composite decking is not totally scratch proof. It’s highly scratch-resistant. But, there’s a distinction. Whilst composite decking is super tough and durable enough to withstand heavy footfall and the Great British weather, it’s made of recycled plastic and wood, not diamonds. 

Your composite deck won’t scratch easily, like timber. But there is always the potential for scratching and scuffs, and there are ways you can avoid scratches to the surface of your composite deck and care for it to ensure it stays looking as it was designed. 

Here’s how to avoid and treat scratches to your composite deck

Choose your furniture carefully

Choose lighter pieces of furniture with wide bases or thicker legs. Using furniture pads is a great way to protect your composite deck from scratches from table and chair legs.

Outdoor rugs are all the rage, too. They are a great way to preserve your composite decking and keep it safe from your outdoor furniture, tools and traffic.

Lift, don’t drag

Never drag anything of substance over your composite decking. This applies to furniture, boxes, tools, and large toys. Whether the surface itself could cause scratches is irrelevant – grit or stones can become trapped and cause scratches on the surface of your composite decking. 

Be wary of high heels

High heels, especially stilettos, can wreak havoc on all kinds of flooring. High heels concentrate a person’s weight onto a tiny point, massively increasing the pressure exerted on the floor. The pressure from one tiny point on a shoe carrying a whole person can be huge, even for a very petite shoe-wearer. 

Most high heels have a rubber cap on the end to soften the blow, but when that wears away the nail can be exposed. These nails especially pack a massive and destructive punch that could dent or scratch your composite deck. Simply, don’t wear high heels on your deck, and discourage guests from doing so. Remind them that composite decking is barefoot safe, or offer them some flip-flops or hotel slippers instead. Their feet (and your deck) will thank you!


We love to share our gardens with our pets. And one of the major reasons people opt for composite decking in the first place is because of its pet-friendly features. Like no splinters and a wipe clean, low porosity surface. But pets can certainly leave their mark on your composite deck with their sharp claws and their little accidents. 

When you have pets, we recommend that you opt for capped composite decking, which comes with a highly durable polymer coating. This exterior coating provides another layer of protection against stains and smells and has the highest level of protection against scratches and everyday wear.

Consider whether uncapped or capped decking is best for you

This is often a tough choice. Uncapped is usually less expensive. And uncapped decking still outperforms timber any day of the week, can be cooler to the touch and easier to repair than uncapped varieties. But capped does provide that extra protection against scratches and UV-fading. However, all composite decking provides a scratch-resistant and durable alternative to timber decking, the choice is up to your individual preference.

Take a look at our product collection to assess the differences between each option and decide which is best for your new deck. 

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