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The Many Residential Uses of Composite Cladding

There are so many fantastic uses for composite cladding, we can’t list them all. But find out our favourite ways to use composite cladding in this blog. The benefits of composite materials are not just for your floors. Composite cladding has multiple uses that can take composite boards off the floor and onto virtually any vertical surface or structure.

There are so many uses for composite cladding that we can’t explore them all. But, when you consider all the benefits of composite decking compared to other less formidable materials, the benefits of composite cladding for buildings and structures are equally impressive.

Ways you can use composite cladding

Hide unsightly walls

Composite cladding can be a simple and effective alternative to rendering or repointing brickwork. Providing walls are structurally sound, you can affix a cladding subframe and the cladding itself to provide a brand new, weatherproof, surface with no mess. And it looks very handsome to boot.

Build structures

Composite cladding is an excellent alternative to brick and timber. You can build storage boxes, bin stores, planters or anything you set your mind to. All this comes with the bonus of it being long-lasting, weatherproof and low maintenance.

Clad garden rooms

Cladding your garden room with composite boards has a myriad of benefits. Not only does it look the business, and provides all the external weatherproofing you’d expect, it enhances the functionality of your garden room. Whether you use it for guest accommodation, an office, a gym, a studio, a playroom, or an entertaining space, none of those uses wouldn’t be improved by increased heat and sound insulation. Maintaining a more stable ambient temperature in your garden room is always an important aim; keeping sounds out (or in) is a bonus.

Clad sheds and summer houses

Improving internal temperature control for garden structures like sheds and summerhouses help protect the contents from issues like mould and mildew. Weatherproofing the exterior extends the life of your garden buildings. Additionally, you need never paint your shed again. Hoorah!

Use it as screen fencing

Perhaps you want to hide the neighbours’ ugly fence. Or you want to increase privacy and security and benefit from noise reduction. Either way, using composite cladding as screen fencing is an inspired move. Just like the shed, you also won’t need to worry about painting or treating it. Double hoorah!

Garden design features

You can create garden features like seating areas, planters, and benches that coordinate with your decking to create a contemporary, coordinated, structured garden aesthetic. You can even clad a porch or veranda on the exterior of your home, or clad the exterior walls of your home (planning permission may be required, though).

Holiday lodges

Many holiday lodges are simply crying out for composite cladding. If your holiday lodge requires a fresh facade, composite cladding can make it look new. Cladding your holiday lodge offers you extra insulation and means you can keep your energy bills down. It also ensures you keep the park owners happy by maintaining the condition of your holiday home, whilst increasing its potential rental and resale value.

If you’re now mentally cladding every vertical surface outside your home why don’t you find out a little more about our composite cladding products here?

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