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Summer Entertaining: How to Make Your Garden Party Central

You may keep being reminded that the -ber months are just around the corner. But don’t crack out your boots and start dreaming of Pumpkin Spice Lattes just yet. Summer isn’t over, and there’s plenty of time to enjoy some more summer entertaining before you pack up the garden furniture.

Our gardens became the preferred destination for social gatherings during the pandemic, and this trend has continued. Why head out to the pub when you can create your own outdoor hotspot right outside your back door, with nobody calling time on your fun (except maybe your neighbours…)

This is how you can be the host with the most by setting the scene for memorable outdoor entertaining in your very own garden.

Make comfort the top priority

During the daytime, we’re going to need options: Shade for the UV-concious and hot spots for the sun-worshippers. As afternoon segues into the evening, you’re going to want a heat source to keep your guests cosy. Plenty of soft blankets are a nice touch, but you can keep guests toasty with a firepit, tabletop fire, gas heater or chiminea too.

Any time of day, comfortable seating, plush cushions and comfort underfoot are a must. Guests should feel they can make themselves at home, throw off their shoes and relax. Splinters or rough flooring is a no-no. Thankfully Composite Prime decking is totally barefoot safe.

Illuminate the party

For evening entertaining in your outdoor space, lighting is everything. Not only is it practical and safety-conscious. Guests need to see where they’re going, and sitting in the dark is not usually most people’s idea of a great social occasion. Lighting sets the scene and builds the atmosphere. You can use it to reflect your personality, and the vibe you want to create: Romantic and boho? Glamorous and sophisticated? Relaxed and beachy? Eclectic and high energy? Options include string lights, tapered candles in sand, hurricane lanterns, illuminated pathways, disco lights and waterproof neon signs.

Rethink outdoor dining

Once upon a time, you hosted a barbecue, made some salads and chucked some meat on the grill. It got no more complicated than offering a range of condiments and a brioche bun or two. Now, people have high expectations. You can host a full-on outdoor dinner party replete with chalkboard menus and multiple dishes all prepared outdoors.

Pimp your barbecue; make it a smoker, add a pizza oven, or even create a whole outdoor kitchen surrounding it. Serve up your own hot smoked salmon to start, an impressive paella to follow and sweet, gooey chocolate and marshmallow sourdough pizzas fresh from the pizza oven for pudding. Without having to step foot inside.

Build a bar

There are so many options. From building a full-on pub to a tropical tiki bar to creating fold-down bars using leftover composite decking or cladding. Low-effort options include buying a gazebo with a bar built in. If you don’t want anything permanent, make sure you create a makeshift bar for a specific party or gathering so guests can help themselves. This saves you from fixing drinks constantly and allows you to relax and enjoy the occasion as much as your guests.

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