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Just Because It’s Cooling Down Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Enjoy Your Deck

So, the days are starting to get shorter. It’s certainly cooler. And the evenings are darker. But does this really mean the time to enjoy our gardens has passed?

The average UK garden gives us an extra 188 square metres of space to enjoy. With an average of 109 square metres of usable floor space inside our homes, this can mean the loss of this extra space to spill out into can feel pretty painful once we need to shut our patio doors. 

Fear not, though. There’s still lots of life left in your garden this autumn – as a space to exercise, play, relax or entertain. All that’s required to ensure you can keep using your outdoor space through autumn and winter is some careful planning.

Here’s how to keep enjoying your garden as the nights draw in:

Add lighting

Sitting in the dark isn’t any fun. But sitting in a romantically lit outdoor oasis definitely is. Invest in some ambient lighting for your decking or patio area, and you’ll be able to use it long after the sun sets. Even if that is early evening.

Add heating

Just because the air is a little fresher doesn’t mean you need to head indoors. By providing outdoor heating, you can pretend summer isn’t over and stay outside enjoying the fresh night air a little longer. There are electric, gas and wood-burning options for providing ambient heat. You can also snuggle up under warm blankets and switch the chilled drinks for the mulled variety. Out with the heat, in with the hygge.

Make your outdoor space feel like indoors

You can keep using your garden as an extension of your indoor space by blurring the lines between outside and inside. The use of outdoor rugs, furniture that’s as comfortable as a sofa, cushions and blankets and other creature comforts means you don’t need to lose out on this valuable space within your home just because of the climate.

Shelter yourself from the elements

Building sheltered areas into your garden means you can continue to enjoy it, whatever the weather. There’s no need to worry about some autumnal showers and winds if you have a cosy nook under cover to enjoy the fresh air without being bothered by the elements.

Cook outdoors

The benefit of gas-powered barbecues and other outdoor cooking equipment is that it’s ready to use year-round. Switch it on, and it’s ready to go. There’s no need to forgo food cooked over an open flame just because it’s not summer anymore.

Invest in a hot tub

Some would say that the best time of year to use a hot tub is in the depths of winter. Nordic countries would absolutely not shy away from stripping off to enjoy a steamy soak in a hot tub amongst dense snowfall, so why should we? Just make sure you plan your exit strategy carefully…

Upgrade your deck to a weather-proof option

If you want to keep enjoying your garden throughout the cooler months, then you’re going to need a garden flooring option that can see you through all the weather that autumn and winter bring. Composite decking is slip-resistant, and won’t require any maintenance during winter beyond some minor cleaning.

Curious? Order free samples of your favourite Composite Prime decking products to see how they might look in your garden all year round. To arrange for them to be sent to you, click here

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