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What to think about before buying composite decking?

Our guide on making sure you get your decking right

Purchasing composite decking for your home, property or workplace can sometimes be a sizeable investment depending on the size of the area you want to cover. We’ve already suggested a number of things to check for when choosing a composite decking supplier but there are also a number of key considerations you should think about before handing over your cash. In this blog article, we have a number of recommendations or thinking points for you to consider so that you can always make sure you’re making the right decision…

Find the right location

Choosing where you’re going to place your composite decking is perhaps one of the most important decisions you’ll make. If you’re planning to sit out on the decking and enjoy the sun, then darker colouring might not be best as they can get quite warm in direct sunlight. Softer and lighter colouring may be a more comfortable choice. Furthermore, if you decide to install composite decking outdoors you need to consider the surrounding area and what might cause debris or staining. Placing your composite decking under a tree for example could see it stained by berries, dirt or even bird droppings, these may potentially cause you more effort to keep it clean.

Check the foundations

It is important that when you’ve selected your preferred location you need to make sure it has the appropriate foundations. You need to have a strong, firm and structural stable area of land to install the decking on. For obvious reasons, the area needs to be flat and level, so you may need to do some work to make it so. Likewise, you should choose an area that remains dry and not susceptible to flooding during the course of the year.

Size of area

It is always best to measure out the proposed area so that when it comes to ordering the decking you have a good idea of how much material is needed and the potential cost. You should always take into account, space for fixtures and joists. Planning out the size of the area in advance will also help you get a better idea of whether items of furniture would fit comfortably on the new decking, as well as understanding how much space it will remove from your surrounding exterior.


As well as the size of the area, you also need to think about the potential height of your decking. If you’re planning on having a raised decking area, perhaps building a structure to support it or on top of an existing patio, then you should also think about whether the decking will cover any access points or air bricks. It’s important to make sure that you take into account the height of the actual decking boards and the joists/fittings combined together, not just the board. Failure to do so could lead to the decking being slightly higher than door sills for example.

How will it look

Above all else, it is vital that you can get a picture in your mind of how the decking might look. Dark coloured decking against very light building work might not look right. Equally, if you have a colour scheme in your outdoor space, you may want to ensure that your new decking conforms to this. The very best way to check how it might look is to order samples and compare the colouring and textures against the ground, walls and furniture and accessories you expect to place on the decking.

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