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Why composite decking is ideal for care homes

Natural looking wood grain
Our composite decking is slip resistant, antifungal and very easy to maintain

Our Composite Prime composite decking products are ideal for businesses and properties of all shapes and sizes. Our attention to detail, robust quality testing and commitment to using the highest quality materials and products mean that more and more property developers, landscapers and architects are choosing Composite Prime.

One area that is likely to see huge benefits from our composite decking is the care home industry. Properties such as care homes face different and difficult challenges. Modern day care homes are both residential and commercial properties where the safety and health of its guests are absolutely pinnacle. Composite decking is the ideal choice for care homes for the following reasons:

Slip resistant

Composite Prime’s products have slip-resistant properties which make them advantageous for care homes where the risk of someone falling or slipping could have a catastrophic effect. Composite Prime remains resistant to slippage in both wet and dry conditions, meaning that it can be used nationwide and for all climates.

Antifungal properties

Another key benefit of Composite Prime for care homes is that our products are naturally resistant to fungus. Fungus is one of the main reasons that causes decay or rot in timber decking, which subsequently can reduce the strength and safety of the product. Rotting or decaying decking can lead to falls, slips and splinters which can easily lead to broken bones, sprains or even infections for the elderly or sick in care homes.

Easy to maintain

The inclusion of recycled plastics to sustainable wood flour means that our composite decking is incredibly durable and has a much longer lifetime than traditional timber decking. There’s no need to paint, treat, varnish or sand the product down on a regular basis. As long as the product is cared for and cleaned, it can continue to have the same look and quality for many years. This longevity means that care homes don’t have to worry about regular maintenance, which can incur additional cost.

Strong material

The strength of composite decking versus traditional timber means that care homes will have a hard wearing, durable and reliable decking that can support high volumes of footfall. For many care homes, outdoor decking allows their guests to enjoy the outdoors with minimal effort.

High quality aesthetics

Last but not least is the aesthetics. Care homes want to ensure that their residents and visitors are being looked after to the highest standard. Maintaining attractive and tidy premises is vital not only for the residents happiness but also for future admissions. Composite Prime’s natural wood finish look combined with a hardy durable exterior means that care homes can have a beautiful looking exterior and decking area with little fuss and maximum safety.

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