Why composite decking is ideal for nurseries

Baby safe composite decking
Our anti-fungal, easy to maintain and beautiful composite decking is ideal for nurseries

Our composite decking products are a source of immense pride and sense of achievement for us. Architects, property owners, developers and businesses all look to use our composite decking on a regular basis. However, there is nothing more rewarding than learning that our product is being used in locations specifically design for the next generation. We’ve designed our composite decking so that not only is it easy to install but it’s safe and practical to use by everyone – from toddler through to adult. After all, what’s the point in outdoor decking that can’t be enjoyed by children too?

In this article we explore exactly what makes composite decking ideal for nurseries or any location our little ones spend time in…

Multi-weather place to play

Decking areas are fantastic options for nurseries because they offer a safe area for play all year round. Slip resistant and durable, composite decking allows nurseries to have an outdoor space that won’t get too wet, too dirty or too muddy whatever the weather. Decking also allows nurseries to have a safe area that can be easily contained with fencing.

Easy to clean

As well as being extremely durable, our composite decking products are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. This is especially important if the area is being used by little ones who are more likely to sit down on the floor. A quick wipe or sweep can ensure that the composite decking looks its best and remains free from dirt, stones and whatever else children can often find themselves playing with. It’s also worth noting that our composite decking is also resistant to spillages from all kinds of liquids so if there are any accidents, they can be easily cleaned up without staining the decking.

Antifungal protection

Our composite decking products come with anti-fungal protection. Fungus is the leading cause for rot and decay, which can lead to damage or splintering of the material. These damaged areas were  hotspots for bacteria to thrive and could be harmful to children with soft skin. Our antifungal protection means that nurseries need not worry about any germs from the decking affecting the children.

Barefoot safety

It is the same antifungal protection that also helps our products be barefoot safe. Because our composite decking doesn’t rot or decay like traditional timber, the decking can enjoy plenty of usage by soft bare feet without risk of harm.

Slip resistant for the smallest feet

Composite Prime’s decking, HD Deck Dual and HD Deck XS are slip resistant so reducing the risk of small children tripping or slipping on the surface. As we know, little ones will crawl, walk and run across the outdoor space, so it’s vital that wet or dry, the floor is safe at all times. Whatever the weather – sunshine or rain – nurseries can rest assured that they will still have an outdoor space that remains safe to use.

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