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Why composite decking is ideal for schools

Our slip resistant composite decking is easy to clean, maintain and install, making it ideal for schools and other academic institutions.

In recent weeks we’ve talked about some of the potential uses of composite decking including care homes and nurseries. This week we explore how composite decking can be used in our schools as an alternative to the traditional learning landscape. Below are just a few reasons why school property managers should seriously be considering investing in composite decking:

Encourages outdoor learning

Recent Ofsted studies have suggested that “when planned and implemented well, learning outside the classroom contributed significantly to raising standards and improving pupils’ personal, social and emotional development”.

However, the same report stated that many schools and institutions often didn’t have the right outdoor setup for outdoor learning. Creating safe areas that are practical and can be used for teaching could be a fantastic way to improve engagement and performance. Composite decking presents schools with a great way to turn unused spaces into a extra teaching areas.

Safety outdoors

Composite deckings antifungal properties and durability mean that the outdoor teaching area remains safe and can keep in line with health and safety inspections. Reduced risk of rot, decay and splintering due to composite deckings durability will ensure that school children remain safe outdoors. Slip-resistance provides peace of mind and helps protect against slips and falls that are often part of school outdoor life. The fact that the decking can be used all year round in wet and dry conditions is also a huge advantage.

Promotes sustainability

All of our wood ingredients come from FSC approved sources which means that our wood flour is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our plastics come from recycled materials and demonstrate to young children the practical application of recycling in today’s environmentally conscious world. Furthermore, installing an ethical and environment product like Composite Prime can help schools achieve any green or environmental philosophies or targets set by the governors or local education authorities.

Reduces school running costs

Composite deckings increased durability and strength means that it’s a low maintenance product that requires very little upkeep compared to traditional timber. As composite decking doesn’t require sanding, painting or treating, it can save schools hundreds of pounds of annual maintenance costs that can instead be used on other facilities. Its strength and durability ensure a long lifetime and investment in school facilities.

Helps contribute to a beautiful school environment

Our composite decking products are not just environmentally friendly, cost-effective and super durable, they are also stunning to look at. Professionally installed high quality composite decking can quickly change the visual attractiveness of an outdoor space, helping foster a positive and professional perception of the school and its environment.

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