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Is There Such Thing as a Zero Maintenance Garden?

Some people love tending to their garden. For many, it’s a labour of love and a leisurely pursuit that provides exercise, interest and rich rewards. If you’re someone who takes great pride and pleasure in seeing your hard work pay off in your stunning garden, with displays worthy of Kew, then we salute your dedication and hard work. If you’re someone who would far rather enjoy their garden than look after it, then we understand. And this is the blog for you.

For those who want a gorgeous garden without any of the work, the hunt for the zero maintenance garden is the holy grail. But, is a zero maintenance garden really achievable?

Zero maintenance is a tall order, but we think it’s almost possible with some careful planning. A truly no-maintenance garden might not give much back in terms of style and functionality. Presuming you still want an outdoor space to be proud of, we think we can help you create an as-close-to-zero-as-possible garden that still delivers tons of style, grace and enjoyment. 

Here’s how an almost-zero maintenance garden is possible: 

Turn your lawn into a deck

Composite decking is definitely far closer to zero maintenance than a lawn. A quick wash every now and then isn’t strictly zero maintenance. But, a few minutes work a few times a year is really as close as possible to zero maintenance as it gets. And certainly far less than all the maintenance required to keep a lawn in good shape. So dig up that turf!

Think about your planting

Invest in perennial plants that you don’t need to replace year after year. Stick to a few varieties of low-maintenance, evergreen plants that will provide year-round ground cover and interest with minimum fuss. Hardy exotics like giant yuccas need very little looking after, and look impressive. Ornamental grasses and hardy succulents are other great options.

Maximise your use of cladding

Minimise your use of timber and any other materials that require regular maintenance, treating or painting. Clad your sheds, summer houses and walls. Use composite fencing instead of timber fencing, because it will never need to be stained or painted and can withstand the elements for so much longer than fencing.

Keep weeds out of your garden

Weeds are the enemy of the almost zero-maintenance garden. Keep them out by using barriers wherever possible. Use root barriers under the soil to prevent root ingress from invasive plants like bamboo, ground elder and other invasive shrubs. On top of beds, use deep organic mulch like bark chippings to smother weeds and stop new ones from seeding in your soil. Make sure they are topped up to a depth of 10-15cm for maximum effectiveness.

Storage, storage, storage

Tidying anywhere is so much easier when everything has a dedicated storage space to be tidied. Provide plenty of storage solutions in your garden to make tidying a dream, rather than a nightmare.

Let your furniture make the statement

Splash out on gorgeous furniture. The bigger statement your furniture makes, the less you need to dress the garden with elsewhere. Permanent fixtures like pergolas, statues, and arbours provide year-round interest with little to no upkeep.

Buy for convenience

Much like buying outside catering and passing it off as your home cooking. Prioritise convenience over price, and you’ll be able to create a stunning garden that looks like you’ve slaved all year to create it without any of the work. Ready planted containers and hanging baskets are all available at supermarkets and garden centres – and you can just replace them every year.

Find out more about why composite decking is ultra easy to look after by checking out our previous feature about low maintenance decking.  

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