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Plan projects with Prime Design 3D Deck Builder. Create a visual of your decking and produce an estimated bill of quantities that lists everything needed to complete the project.

Our deck designer helps you create your perfect deck and much like the swathe of online kitchen designers that have risen in popularity in recent years, our 3D deck designer enables you to design the shape, create the look and explore all the products we have available to give you a realistic view of your project whilst providing peace of mind that you’re making the right design decisions for your bespoke space.

What’s more, our handy deck calculator will total the cost of your materials and send you the bill via email.

Step 1 Choose a frame

The decking builder allows you to place a square, T-shaped, L-shaped or notched frame to get your design off the ground! You also use the toggles on the right hand side to set the time of day and set the deck height too.

Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the scene, use your left mouse button to rotate your camera around and double click on an object to shift the camera’s focus.

Step 2 Design your decking

Once you’re happy with the shape of your deck, you can begin customising the decking boards choosing any of our products: HD Deck® Pro, HD Deck Dual®, HD Deck XS®, HD Deck® 150 or HD Deck® 3D.

Whichever boards you opt for, you can then customise them further by adding direction – horizontal, vertical, herringbone etc – as well as exploring our fascia and bullnose products.

Step 3 Optional stairs and railing

It doesn’t stop there. Our 3D deck designer enables you to add stairs, step boards and stair rises (again, by product), as well as adding EDGE balustrades to your deck should you require them.

Step 4 Add structures

By now, you’ll have brought your ideas to reality in 3D form but now it’s time to bring your deck to life by adding in walls, cladding doors and windows – all of which can be realised with our deck builder.

Step 5 Complete the look

Here’s the fun bit: our deck designing tool allows you to add garden furniture, dining sets, fire pits, lounge sets, barbecues, umbrellas and even hot tubs to really get a feel for how life will look with your new composite decking!

Step 6 Bill of materials

Once you’re done, you can save your project and email yourself a bill of materials, or simply save your design and pick up later! These are estimated quantities and should be reviewed by your landscaper or contractor.

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design on your own and plan projects with prime design 3D deck builder.

create a visual of your decking and produce an estimated bill of quantities that lists everything needed to complete the project.

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