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Visualise your project

Available to all Composite Prime Stockists and Pro Installers

Plan projects with Prime Design 3D Deck Builder. Create a visual of your decking and produce an estimated bill of quantities that lists everything needed to complete the project.

Step 1

Choose a frame

  • Select a frame shape
  • Adjust your frame dimensions
  • Adjust the deck height
  • Change orientation

Step 2

Design your decking

  • Try different HD Deck® products
  • Change the direction of the boards
  • Add bullnose and fascias

Step 3

Optional stairs and railing

  • Select the location
  • Choose product and colour
  • Adjust the length

Step 4

Add structures

  • Choose a texture and add walls
  • Adjust dimensions and placement
  • Even add doors and windows

Step 5

Complete the look

  • Select furniture and arrange
  • Place BBQ and other options
  • Add landscaping details

Step 6

Bill of materials

  • List of components
  • Estimated quantities for each item
  • Includes sub-frame materials
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