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Why become a Composite Prime PRO Installer?

Official PRO Installers of Composite Prime® products receive a variety of benefits such as:

Become the go-to Composite Prime® PRO Installer in your area. You’ll be added to our website ‘Where to Buy‘ page so your business will benefit from our online traffic.

Receive exclusive access to our new software that enables you to not only create a visual of your customer’s dream decking but will also create an accurate bill of quantities that lists everything needed to complete the project.

Click here to explore our New Prime Design 3D Deck Builder.

Online training will be provided as well as a direct point of contact to access support when needed.

We have some of the best marketing materials in the industry. Stay ahead of the curve and have access to our brochures, flyers and online materials to offer to your customers during the decision making process. Helping you to close the deal.

As an installer you will be prioritised with sales referrals from any enquiries we receive in your area.

How long does the whole process take?
It’s quick – provided you complete the qualification and training stage in a reasonable amount of time, then generally the whole process can be completed in around 30 days.

Is there a set of rules I must follow as a PRO Installer?
Yes, we have a Code of Practice which is included in the Application Pack. We expect this to be followed as you will be representing the Composite Prime brand in your area.

Is there an exclusive postcode area for each PRO Installer?
We have taken a quality, not quantity approach and as such we are carefully vetting
and inviting the right installers onto our programme. This means there may be one
PRO Installer in your county or postcode, but we forward any leads generated by our sales team and website to the nearest installer by address. If they are unable to fulfil the request, then we will forward details on the next nearest installer.

What can I expect in terms of branding and marketing materials?
Composite Prime® produces some of the most highly regarded marketing collateral in the industry. We will indicate the support and resources for you. When we create any new collateral or product information, all PRO Installers are the first to hear along with our distribution and merchant partners.

Can I jump the queue for technical information?
For our exclusive PRO Installers, we have put in place a VIP Technical Support Line with a dedicated phone number that you will receive in your Welcome Pack, so you are at the front of the support line.

Do I have to pay to be a Composite Prime PRO Installer?
No, unlike other installer programmes we believe your time and effort is cost enough to become a brand ambassador and Composite PRO Installer. As the programme develops further, we will also be implementing a rewards programme to further help develop your business and reward you for your brand loyalty.

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