HD Deck 3D

3D Textured Wood Composite Decking

HD Deck® 3D has a deeply textured 3D surface creating a look and feel of natural timber

Golden Oak
Golden Oak
Black Oak
Black Oak
Burnished Oak
Burnished Oak

Unique Colour Mix

HD Deck® 3D features a unique colour mix that runs throughout each board enhancing the authentic look of the wood grain. Our True Grain Colour System™ ensures no two boards look the same. The reverse side of the boards includes a grooved design – two designs available on one board!


RRP: £64.43 + VAT per sq m

HD Deck 3D Measurements

Special note: The initial colour will change over the first 4-8 weeks after installation as the residue from the extrusion process is removed by natural exposure. The darker colours will see less change. After this initial adjustment, the board colour will stabilise


Starter clip & screw

Universal clip & screw

Slim clip & screw


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