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LANTRA Accredited Composite Prime – Build with Prime Two Day Installation Course

Prime Accredited installers are an integral part of the Composite Prime network, representing a bold step forwards within the industry and the start of a valuable two way relationship between Composite Prime and our most loyal installers.

How does Prime Accredited work? You will gain your first year of Prime Accredited after completing our Build with Prime Two Day Installation Course. Our course is designed by industry leading professionals, and will help you increase revenue, develop skills and grow your business!

Find out more about Prime Accredited and our Build with Prime Installation Course below!


Why become Prime Accredited?

Prime Accredited Installers enjoy a wide range of benefits including:


We’re broadening our reach into the retail customer market, and a significant aspect of this expansion involves a collaborative effort with you. Our aim is to refer projects that are perfectly matched to your expertise and geographical location, ensuring a seamless alignment with the needs of both you and your potential clients.

Our industry leading professional team has crafted elements of this course with a sharp focus on enhancing your sales and financing skills. This targeted training is aimed at empowering you with the tools you need to refine and execute your business strategy more effectively.

We’re cultivating a community for our Accredited Installers, aiming to provide ample support and resources. This network allows for collaboration and growth, ensuring you have the tools and connections needed to succeed.

As an Accredited Installer, you’ll unlock the potential to significantly increase your project earnings. Specialising in our product not only uplifts your market value but allows you to command higher rates for your expertise and quality workmanship.

Our advanced portal offers Accredited Installers a one-stop solution for accessing documentation, marketing materials, and submitting feedback on the Prime Accredited program, streamlining your access to essential resources.

When you display your Prime Accredited badge you can elevate yourself against the competition. Give yourself an edge when looking for projects in the retail and commercial space.

How do you become an Prime Accredited installer? You need our Lantra Accredited X Composite Prime – Build with Prime Two Day Installation Course!

Here is some of what’s included:

LANTRA Accreditation Certificate +

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a Lantra Accreditation certificate, marking their expertise with an industry-recognised seal of excellence in training.

Training Consisting of Theory and Practical Modules +

The training blends theoretical knowledge with practical exercises, providing an all encompassing approach to learning. This combination ensures you gain the essential skills and insights needed to be able to excel.

Explore all Elements of Installation including Subframe Construction +

We cover every aspect of installation, including surveying, subframe construction, product characteristics, product installation and product aftercare, all inline with current industry standards. You will gain hands-on experience with full-scale installations, not just small sample boards.

A Case of Sample Products and Branded Workwear +

Participants will receive a case of sample products and branded workwear, giving them valuable assets and attire to carry forward from the training course

Hotel Accommodation with Breakfast and Lunch Provided +

Hotel accommodation is included, complete with breakfast and lunch, ensuring a comfortable and catered experience throughout the training.

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