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_our composites contain the equivalent of more than 3,000 recycled plastic bottle caps

One of the many benefits of our composite products is its environmentally credentials.

By combining FSC 100% certified ‘end of life’ hardwood flour and recycled HDPE plastics, our composite products support socially responsible environmental policies for architects and building contractors, as well as ensuring all our customers that Composite Prime® products are sustainable, ethical and responsible.

_plastics and the planet

Composite Prime® has…

Saved the equivalent of 176 million milk bottles from landfill
Recycled the equivalent of 1.8 million plastic bottle caps

Our composites contain the equivalent of more than 3,000 recycled plastic bottle caps per square metre.
Our ‘end of life’ quality wood flour is FSC® 100% certified from socially responsible and sustainable sources.

As the race to protect marine life and fragile coral reefs are growing more urgent every day, Composite Prime® is making a difference. By using only recycled HDPE plastic in our composite products, we are constantly saving millions of plastic bottles from polluting the ocean.

8 million tonnes of plastic pollutes the earth’s oceans every year
1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals and turtles are killed by marine plastic pollution annually

For wildlife such as fish, dolphins and seals the plastic can be deadly as they become entangled or mistake it for food.

1 million bottles are brought every minute around the world and less than half of them are recycled.

In the UK, 38.5 million bottles are used every day. Just over half get recycled, but more than 16 million are put into landfill, burnt or leaked into the environment and oceans every day.

Plastic is a material we depend on for our livelihoods and convenience. But for all intents and purposes

5 ways to reduce your plastic use:

Keep recycling
Use a reusable bottle
Boycott microbead products
Say no to plastic straws
Use a reusable shopping bag

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