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benefits of decking in your garden

Benefits of Decking in your garden

So you’re in the market for composite decking. Perhaps you’ve seen some on an Instagram house refurbishment account or one of the many home décor programmes on TV? The aesthetic advantages are there for all to see – but have you done your research on the full list of benefits with composite decking? There’s probably more than you initially assumed.

In recent years, we’ve seen a huge move towards the concept of families adding additional rooms to their house without actually requiring any brickwork. That is, of course, taking the indoors, out. Savvy homeowners are increasingly blurring the boundaries between living or kitchen areas, and the garden space. Particularly in today’s climate, homeowners are no longer taking their outdoor space for granted and are considering more closely the transition between indoor and outdoor areas. Opting for composite decking and investing in appropriate garden furniture can provide the effect of additional rooms in the house – particularly in summer.

This idea then crosses over to the concept of dining and entertaining and whilst home-refurb trends in the past 10 years have focused on kitchen diners and blurring the boundaries between the kitchen and the dining space – the future appears to be concentrated on the outdoor space, blurring similar lines but now introducing less fixed boundaries on the idea of the ‘dining space’. Families are beginning to look at composite decking as an investment to extend their socialising space and when teamed effortlessly with bi-fold doors – suddenly a kitchen diner is substantially bigger, providing the perfect setting for relaxing afternoon drinks, or a full-blown dinner party. Also because composite decking can be raised to your back door, patio doors or bifold doors, you can achieve that limited threshold seamless transition that is so prevalent on the home décor social media accounts.

Another of the huge benefits of composite decking – particularly for families or those that socialise often – is the lack of maintenance required. Frankly, some people just don’t want to bothered with constantly staining decking and fixing imperfections, chips, rotting or worse. For many, the idea of composite decking comes attached with ideas of relaxing, self-care and a sense of hassle-free life. Come to think of it: who actually enjoys getting on hands and knees and scrubbing timber decking, or the back-breaking work of re-staining it? Composite decking is the perfect choice for those looking to add some serious class to their garden – achieving the look of high quality timber without rotting, warping or splinters. It’s a decking material that’s designed specifically to stand the test of time and that’s why manufacturers offer 25+ years warranty.

Due to recent unprecedented events in the world, almost everyone with outdoor space is looking to utilise it, based on the fact that most people are spending far more time in their homes. Something tied to that idea of taking advantage of outdoor space is the focus on mental health and the importance of exercise, getting fresh air and reflecting on things. The increased popularity in meditating, yoga, Pilates and general exercise has led to active types building workout areas that are different from the traditional ‘home gym’ setup – most notably because they’re outdoor.

This is where composite decking can provide a huge benefit, particularly over timber alternatives. For instance, composite looks and feels like real wood but it’s much safer for home workouts because you won’t slip on the floors and the material isn’t prone to moulding, warping and splintering. It’s also advantageous for families with children, who can rest safe in the knowledge that the little ones can play till their heart’s content on the composite decking without fear of slipping or splintering. Composite decking also regulates heat well, so kids bounding through the house and onto the decking in bare feet won’t get too much of a shock, even during a scorching summer. The gaps between composite boards are also smaller than timber alternatives, making it far harder to lose things and avoid children trapping or damaging their fingers when they reach down to rescue their favourite toy!

Another key advantage of composite decking for your garden project is its drainage. The unique design of composite drains water away from your deck but it can be used all year round – meaning no boggy lawns. The revolutionary system is hugely impressive and means you can be flexible and creative with drainage – something you don’t particularly have control of with timber.

Ultimately though, composite decking provides homeowners looking for a classy garden with a range of aesthetic options. At Composite Prime, we offer a range of composite decking with varying colourways, offering customers a bespoke service for their personal projects. Our HD Deck 150 range is low maintenance and durable and offers an attractive alternative to traditional timber decking. Furthermore, our HD Deck 150 options offer something for everyone, available in contemporary Silver and Lava finishes, as well as a Walnut colour.

Composite allows customers to achieve the look and feel of real timber, but with a multitude of options to tailor the look to their specific tastes and requirements. Composite decking has the beauty of having anti-slip properties ensuring the complete safety of your pets, family and guests. More good news? It will maintain its appearance for many years to come.

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