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Who doesn’t dream of having the perfect garden? When we were kids, the epitome of a luxury garden was a swingset and gas barbecue. These days, luxe is a little more difficult to achieve. Unless you have the means, it isn’t easy to recreate the multi-million-pound ultra-luxe oases of Dubai in British suburbia. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some of the same luxe touches to your home’s outdoor space. With these 10 ideas, you’ll be able to take your outside space from ordinary to unforgettable.

1. Bring interior design outside

Integrate indoor luxury items in your outdoor space. Make it match your indoor décor by including classic furniture pieces and artwork with a bit of extra flair. The key is to bring design elements from inside your home into your outdoor space. For the same reason design continuity adds class to the inside of your home, there’s no reason to stop once you get the to patio doors.

2. Invest in statement pieces 

Furniture, sculptures, water features and unique decor will add value to your garden and make a bold statement. Statement pieces don’t necessarily need to be imposing or large, they just need to stand out and bring attention to themselves. The thing about statement pieces is that you need only invest in a few – too many it’s just too much. You want to create a luxury resort feel, not curate a museum.

3. Luxury hardscaping

When you’re building any structure in your garden, think about how the materials will feel. Luxury hardscaping isn’t prescriptive – different materials work to create a luxe look in different styles. Slate, marble, granite, and even concrete can make for stylish, sophisticated spaces. The secret is in creativity and how all your materials work together.

4. Elegant landscaping

Elegant landscaping doesn’t need to be spacious – it just needs to be perfectly planned and executed. Your garden doesn’t need to be an exact replica of the ones you’ve seen in magazines and on television. But it should have some of the features that make them look so impressive. You just need to make sure you execute these few features perfectly. A lush green lawn is always a smart choice for a luxury garden – it’s beautiful, simple and inviting. You just need to absolutely nail it.

5. Dramatic lighting

This is the easiest way to make your garden look like it belongs in a magazine. The right lighting can transform an ordinary garden into something extraordinary at the flick of a switch. Recessed lights can be installed around the perimeter of your garden to act as a frame. Solar-powered string lights are a budget-friendly way to add an elegant glow to garden accents like trees, pergolas and fencing. Their soft glow will add ambience without detracting from what’s important.

6. Clean lines and symmetry

A perfectly manicured lawn with clean lines and symmetry can give your garden an ultra-luxe look. Symmetry is pleasing to the eye, and is often used in formal gardens and public spaces. A well-defined border around the lawn with flowers or shrubs planted in neat rows adds to this effect. Luxe means pristine and manicured – there’s no room for sprawling meadows and straggly flowerbeds.

7. Built-in features

Consider building an outdoor fireplace or fire pit for entertainment purposes. You can decorate it with stones, tiles or bricks and add some greenery around it for added aesthetic value. Outdoor kitchens are another way to add value to your home as well as create space for entertaining guests during summer evenings or weekends when you may want to spend more time outdoors than indoors.

8. Sophisticated flooring

Luxury homes often feature beautiful floors made from expensive materials like marble and granite. These materials aren’t just good-looking – they’re durable and easy to maintain. That’s because to achieve luxe, you need materials that last. The allure of luxe doesn’t fade. If you want the same look for your garden, luxury composite decking is of course the perfect option to achieve a clean and elegant look that stays that way for decades.

9. Garden zoning

A zone for everything and everything in its zone. Defining different areas of your garden into distinct zones allows you to dedicate each area to a specific function. You may want one area to be more formal than another or vice versa — whatever works best for you!

10. Carefully planned sightlines and privacy

Nothing spoils a luxury garden more than a direct view into your neighbour’s junk pile, or being stared at in your swimwear while enjoying your luxury spa. Keep sightlines and privacy in mind at all times. Your landscaper will know how to get maximum privacy whilst allowing plenty of natural light.

A luxury garden will give you the space to unwind, recharge and share the beauty you’ve created with family and friends. Order free samples of your favourite luxury composite products to start planning a luxe haven in your outside space.

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