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Hot Tubs and Composite Decking Are a Match Made in Heaven

Can you think of anything better than sitting under the stars on a cool autumn evening whilst languishing in a steamy, bubbly spa? Sounds like bliss to us. But, if your surroundings aren’t quite right, then it can detract from your experience. Nobody wants to step out of a hot tub onto a cold, slippery or rough surface.

To perfect your outdoor spa experience, your entrance and exit need to feel just as luxurious as your soak. And when you’re investing in a hot tub, you want to make sure it really looks the business as well.

How to create the perfect deck for your hot tub

When done correctly, decking and hot tubs are absolutely a match made in heaven. Not only does the contemporary look and finish of composite really complement a smart hot tub, but it’s also practical as well. The low porosity properties of composite decking mean that it will be much less susceptible to damage by the water from your hot tub or pool. And, you stand far less chance of being hurt on your exit from a hot tub as you make a dash for the indoors with wet feet due to its slip-resistant properties.

While composite decking and hot tubs really do go very well together, there are still some considerations to make to ensure you get the best out of your combination.

Maximise the slip resistance where you need it most

Our composite decking boards are naturally very slip-resistant, but they come with two options for the texture of your surface. There’s a either the natural wood-grain effect (HD Deck® Pro, HD Deck Dual®, HD Deck® 3D) or contemporary grooved option (HD Deck® 3D or HD Deck XS®) to choose from.

We suggest you plan ahead carefully for maximum slip resistance around wet areas like hot tub and spa surrounds. When the boards are placed perpendicular to the direction of footfall, this provides the absolute maximum slip resistance. You can lay your boards with the wood-grain side up for the remainder of your decking if you prefer – you will still achieve a uniform look with the continuity of colour and finish.

Decide whether you want to sink your hot tub into your deck

While you can place your hot tub directly on top of your composite deck, we’re big fans of the sunken tub. Building a raised deck, or sinking your tub ensures you have the safest and most comfortable (and glamorous) entrance and exit into your tub. You can build your deck right up to the edge of your hot tub for a seamless look.

Ensure your subframe is up to scratch

When using a hot tub, there’s inevitably going to be some water spillage. While composite decking is resistant to moisture damage, you need to ensure that your subframe is protected against moisture damage. If your subframe is constructed from timber joists, use our HD Protect joist tape to ensure your subframe can withstand the high-moisture conditions.

You can purchase HD Protect from multiple stockists, including the Composite Prime Store on Amazon.

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