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Is Composite Decking the Best Choice For Your Holiday Lodge?

Your holiday lodge or static caravan is probably really coming into its own around this time of year. Wonderful, sun-soaked weekends spent relaxing with a drink in hand. Just what you had in mind when you made the purchase.

Or, if you aren’t using it yourself, as the summer tourism trade starts to take off, the extra rental income will be coming in handy.

But how could you enhance your static holiday home, making those weekends extra relaxing, or attracting more interest and commanding a higher rental price? We think a composite deck could be just what you need.

The benefits of installing a composite deck around your holiday home are plentiful. 

Here are the most compelling reasons for you to consider buying composite decking to compliment your holiday home.

You could extend your living space

Holiday lodges and caravans are supposed to provide small but perfectly designed spaces that make the most of every inch for storage with clever design features. A deck can substantially increase your living space, allowing you space to relax, entertain and spill out into the great outdoors without stepping off your plot.

Improve the aesthetics of your holiday home

There’s no doubt that a tastefully designed composite deck around your holiday lodge could massively increase your curb appeal and make your rental listings much more appealing. Guests will be taken by your holiday lodge’s outlook and far more likely to book if they can be promised some practical and beautiful outside space in which to relax for their well-deserved break.

Can make your holiday lodge more accessible

Because composite decking is so versatile, you can use it to build a sloping entrance to your holiday lodge or caravan. This instantly makes it more disability-friendly and will open up your home to a wide range of guests. Whether you need to accommodate your own or your family’s accessibility requirements or not, it makes sense to create an inclusive environment for renters.

A composite deck will add value to your holiday home

Both from a rental perspective and a resale perspective, an investment in a composite deck for your holiday home should yield a substantial return in time.

A low-maintenance decking solution

Nobody wants a holiday home that needs a huge amount of maintenance. A holiday home with lots of rental business can experience a large amount of footfall, too. The whole point of a holiday lodge or static caravan is to provide leisure and relaxation opportunities and extra income – not hassle. Composite decking is durable, scratch and scuff resistant, long-lasting and requires very little maintenance beyond the odd clean.


Optimistic as we may be, the Great British weather is… unpredictable. Composite decking is slip-resistant, so showers won’t result in a slippery deck. There’s no reason to worry about fading in the sunshine or the harsh winters, either. Your composite deck should stay in great condition for decades.

We think you’ll agree the quality of our composite decking boards and balustrades speaks for itself. Why don’t you take a look for yourself and order FREE samples?

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