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Reasons to Take Your Halloween Party Outdoors On Your Deck

Is it just us or is Halloween getting bigger and bigger in the UK? It’s always been a big deal in America, and though we’ll probably never get an A+ report card in the effort stakes against our US counterparts, things have changed a lot from the Composite Prime® Office childhood recollections of celebrating Halloween.

In our day, it was witches’ costumes made from bin bags, a tealight in a hollowed-out swede and a game of bobbing for apples in the freezing garden (always disappointing, especially the year you lost your two front teeth…)

If like millions you’re planning a Halloween party for kids or adults this year, we think the best place for it is outside on your deck. And here’s why.

Your composite deck is a safe place to party in the dark

Who needs electricity on Halloween? Other than Dr Frankenstein, nobody. Darkness is so much spookier. Nightfall gives you an instant atmosphere and the perfect ambience to show off your lit-up pumpkin creations, themed lanterns, and glow-in-the-dark sugar skull facepaint masterpieces (we’re sad we didn’t have YouTube tutorials in the 80s/90s.)

The benefit of hosting your party on your deck is you know your guests are safe despite the darkness on slip-resistant garden flooring that won’t warp or splinter.

Easy clear up

Taking the party outside onto your composite deck makes for an easy clear-up operation, so why limit yourself to boring bobbing for apples?

Try pumpkin stomping! Partygoers race to stomp on orange balloons that are filled with a Russian-roulette array of sweets (if you’re treating) or slime (if you’re tricking).

Speed pumpkin carving competitions are always a hit (just encourage safe tool-wielding). With space to spread out, you also don’t need to worry about messy pumpkin innards getting on your soft furnishings.

Other games include hunting for gummy worms in gooey Angel Delight, just for a little 80s throwback. Making edible slime is also a hit with the kids – and you can just hose it all down at the end. You don’t need to worry about spills and thrills damaging your deck – Composite Prime® decking is scratch and stain-resistant, so there will be no clear-up nightmares.

Create a safe outdoor dance floor

You’re going to need space for those who’ve overdosed on sugar (or imbibed the witches’ brew) to let off a little steam. Is a party even a party without a place to shake your groove thing? If you’re doing to be dancing on your deck all night, it’s important it can handle the pressure. You don’t need to worry about drawing a crowd if your deck’s constructed with Composite Prime®’s decking products; our decking is stronger than timber so you won’t risk turning an overzealous rendition of Thriller into a real horror story.

Easy catering

Nothing says Halloween like some barbecued racks of ribs of unknown origin, severed finger hotdogs and burgers with Monterey Jack-o-lantern cheese slices. And if trick-or-treaters are messy eaters, you can get rid of grease stains easily with abzorbit (available from multiple stockists, including Amazon.)

Composite Prime® decking is strong enough to handle the most terrifying party and makes for the easiest cleanup. Find out where to buy it.

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