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Why Build A Raised Deck

Adding decking to your property is a great way to add value and versatile outdoor space to your garden. But when most people think of a deck, they think of a flat, ground-level surface. You don’t have to be like most people, though. You can raise your aspirations. And your deck.

Because decking is laid on a subframe, you can build any kind of structure beneath your deck, so long as it’s carefully designed to withstand loads and be structurally sound. This means that the sky’s (almost) the limit in terms of building your deck up.

Where could a raised deck be useful?

A raised deck is a great way to make use of a space that is otherwise wasted. Do you have a steeply sloping garden or an uneven area? If you do, you could use a deck to build out over the slope or uneven ground. This allows you to create a level space where you can place furniture and entertain. And that means you can enjoy your outdoor space fully, without having to bring the diggers in to level the site.

If your house is raised above your garden, then there’s no way to access your garden at ground level without first descending a flight of stairs. A raised deck could be built and attached to the side of a house, meaning you could have level access to an outdoor space. This is particularly useful for holiday lodges and static caravans, too.

Imagine throwing open the French doors on a summer’s day, or sliding bifold doors open to allow the outside in – all possible when there isn’t a sheer drop on the other side. You can then create steps or a ramp with access to the lower parts of the garden beyond the deck.

Creating new and exciting ways to use your garden with decking

Raised decks don’t have to be attached to a building. You can create one as a feature on its own. Whether you want to build your own suntrap away from the kids’ play area, build a deck around a tree, or over a water feature.

A really popular use for raised composite decking is as a surround for an above-ground pool. Having a swimming pool installed in your home is costly, not to mention a huge commitment, because once the area for the pool has been excavated it’s equally as expensive to have it filled in! Many people with the space for a pool opt for an above-ground pool instead. They’re great, but they don’t always look as pretty, and the entrance isn’t always as graceful. Climbing over the edge isn’t quite the same as taking a running dive (or sauntering from a sunlounger, whatever your style is.)

Extra storage is a bonus

One of the best perks of a raised deck is that you can build storage underneath your decking. This means you get to double the surface area of your outside space as well as save on the space you need for sheds and storage elsewhere.

Creating a raised deck isn’t without its considerations, though. Think about safety first: You’ll need to plan out how to keep people safe at the edge with balustrades or railings; you’ll also need to think about stairs, ramps and edging.

Most importantly, you must consult a structural engineer to ensure your deck will be safe and able to support your composite decking and all the people who may walk on it. You may also need planning permission and be subject to building regulations. We suggest doing your research.

Interested in creating a raised decking area in your garden? Find out where to buy Composite Prime decking so you can get started.

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