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Why Garden Designers Love Decking

Garden designers often have a tricky job. Of course, they need creative flair and sound aesthetic judgement. But, they also need a brain for structures and manipulating space.

Alongside being master gardeners with an understanding of botany. And an appreciation for the environment and the climate and how all those other elements interact with nature…. It’s no wonder they are expensive!

“Gardens are the result of a collaboration between art and nature.” - Penelope Hobhouse

So, as the experts in creating outdoor spaces that wow us on all levels, what do garden designers think about decking?

A traditional, timeless feel

Decking is even more popular today than it was 20 years ago. It doesn’t go out of style, doesn’t date, it doesn’t look naff, and it isn’t a fad. Decking contributes to a classy, timeless feel with both traditional and modern elements. It works with multiple styles. Chameleon-like, it can take on the vibe of the planting, accessories and design elements that surround it. When you’re paying to transform your garden, you want the results to stay relevant for as long as possible. So garden designers love decking for this reason.


Decking can be used to fit precise contours. It can include lighting elements, or match with cladding to blend into a garden structure or create inbuilt furniture solutions like benches. It can be used to create steps, ramps, you name it. And whether the design brief is clean modern lines, crisp minimalism, comforting curves, or relaxed rustic charm – composite decking can achieve the look.

Texture, colour and contrast

The broad range of different decking products available means that garden designers can have their pick of colours and textures. From deeply ingrained wood-effect composite decking boards, to using the grooved sides up to create patterns, borders or visual pathways within the deck. There are so many options.

A natural-looking finish – without the maintenance

Garden designers often have the words “low maintenance” at the top of their clients’ wishlists. Achieving that alongside “beautiful” can be a tall order. But composite decking is a garden flooring solution that certainly ticks both boxes. It also does so whilst replicating the effect of natural timber – whilst promising to last longer and resist damage from the elements. Win-win.

You can play with perception and dimensions

By using horizontal or diagonal placement, or perhaps a herringbone effect, designers can create stunning visual effects with decking boards. They can even use them to visually manipulate space. Whether it’s making gardens seem longer or wider, or breaking up sprawling spaces.

Create zones

There’s a real trend for focusing on the functionality of our gardens. We use them for entertaining, relaxing, working, playing, and exercising. Zoning helps organise and make the most of your outdoor space, and can even make small spaces appear larger. Much like the key to organising our homes is to have a place for everything, so too does this apply to assigning designated functions to our gardens. Creating zones with flooring is the easiest way of structuring your garden into distinct areas.

Have we inspired your inner garden designer? Find an approved Composite Prime® decking installer to turn your plans into reality.

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