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HD Clad™ Pro makes your exteriors distinctive, weather-resistant and environmentally friendly

If you’re looking for a new way to bring the exterior of your property up to date in an eye-catching and forward-thinking fashion, then you’d do well to consider Composite Prime’s HD Clad Pro.

Cladding has for many years been a popular option for adding a distinctive aesthetic to properties, whilst also providing a degree of additional insulation and weather resistance. However, while traditional cladding tends to rely on perishable materials from less sustainable sources, HD Clad Pro takes a significantly different approach with an eye to the future.

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In line with Composite Prime’s firmly held belief in keeping products as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, HD Clad Pro is constructed from a composite of hardwood flour which is 100% certified by The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and plastic from 100% recycled sources.
Wherever you see the FSC brand on wood or a wood-based product, you can rest assured that what you see before you comes from post-consumer waste, and/or forests confirmed to abide by the Principles and Criteria for Forest Management laid out by the FSC.

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Composite Prime’s special blend of this FSC-certified hardwood flour with recycled plastic ensures that the HD Clad Pro minimises reliance on our world’s natural resources, which are at risk of being dangerously depleted. On top of this, HD Clad Pro also brings with it significant practical advantages over more traditional timber-based cladding.
HD Clad Pro offers considerably greater durability than standard timber, holding up and keeping its shape, colour and finish in the face of the ever-changeable weather, and without the need for retreatment which is necessitated by timber.
And with four striking and distinct colour options available in Cedar Brown, Cedar Grey, Slate and Carbon, you’re certain to find a choice to provide the unique, stand-out aesthetic that the exterior of your property is crying out for.

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As well as the striking HD Clad Pro cladding boards, Composite Prime also offers a range of trims to provide the desired finishing touch, as well as providing the starter strips, fixing clips, starter clips and spacer buttons that you need to get your cladding fixed to your exterior as quickly and easily as possible.
Hand-in-hand with its durability and sustainability, HD Clad Pro is also wide-ranging in its potential applications. HD Clad Pro is every bit as suitable for small-scale private residential properties as it is for larger buildings such as offices, apartment complexes, hotels, schools and libraries, whether these properties are new builds or existing buildings in need of refurbishment.
Wherever you choose to use it, HD Clad Pro offers the peace of mind that it’s a product built to last come rain or shine, making use of recycled and sustainable materials so it’s not only good for your property, but good for the world itself.


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