Message in a Bottle Top

Our Message in a Bottle Top art project shares an inspiring and important message for pupils aged 5-11 about turning trash into treasure. They learn about wastefulness happening right under their noses and learn to see and create beauty out of the things they have around them. Children learn how to make a real difference in the world using creative and imaginative vision.

Following Composite Prime’s example, pupils discover how to see the treasure in the waste we produce by creating an art mural or sculpture, inspired by and showcasing the creatures they’d love to protect using the very waste that harms them. Making an inspired piece of art using plastic bottle tops, with the aim of sharing an important environmental message about wildfire and the effects plastic waste has on it.

And the winner is…?

The winner of the competition will receive a playground makeover for their school worth up to £5,000 and the ten regional finalists will have their artwork on display in an online exhibition!

As students complete the challenges set out in the programme their families can also be in with a chance of winning a £10 Amazon voucher by sharing a photograph of the family with their bottle top collection on social media using the hashtag #messageinabottletop. Don’t forget to tag @compositeprime on Facebook or Instagram!